Our Values & Priorities

The Columbia Union Conference Executive Committee voted to adopt the following values and priorities for implementation during the 2011-2016 quinquennium:


In the Columbia Union Conference, we pray and strive to embrace and embody:
•Christlikeness   •Respect   •Equality   •Service
•Unity  •Excellence   •Integrity


The Columbia Union Conference will further the work of the Seventh-day Adventist Church by prioritizing the following:

Youth/Young Adults — Engage and partner with youth and young adults to further the mission of the church

Evangelism — Impact our communities by revealing the love of Christ, inviting people to accept Christ as their Savior and sharing the distinct Seventh-day Adventist message

Education — Foster excellence in spiritual and academic development in Adventist schools and support programs that promote affordability and increased enrollment

Local Church Revitalization — Promote healthy families and churches by uniting members through personal spiritual renewal and active engagement in ministry

Innovation in Church Ministry — Embrace innovation in ministry to respond relevantly to the changing needs of our church and community

Leadership Development — Maximize the vitality of the church by supporting leadership development, promoting effectiveness and assuring equality