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New Life Member Gets County Recognition, Promotes Prayer for Gas Prices

By Beth Michaels

Rocky Twyman, a member of the New Life church in Gaithersburg, Md., has been in the news for a number of community outreach activities and contributions. Most recently, in honor of National Volunteer Week (April 27-May 3), the Montgomery County Council honored Twyman during a meeting at its headquarters in Rockville, Md. Members of the council, led by president Mike Knapp, drew up a proclamation dedicating April 29 as Rocky Twyman Day. The acknowledgment was a result of Twyman’s assistance in recruiting nearly 14,000 minority donors for the national bone marrow registry since 1992.

Bone marrow transplants help individuals suffering with rare forms of leukemia, sickle cell anemia, and Lupus. Ramon Hilliard, a 17-year-old cancer survivor and high school athlete, and his mother, Denae, testified at the meeting about Twyman’s efforts, claiming he helped save the teenager’s life. Twyman also led in the fight to save the life of the District of Columbia’s former first lady Effi Barry.

“I am grateful to God for touching the hearts of these elected officials to proclaim this day,” commented Twyman. “This could not have happened without the support of the Washington metropolitan media. I am especially grateful to Columbian Union Visitor staff who have promoted my bone marrow drives over the years.”

The Congressional Medal of Honor Society also recently saluted Twyman for his bone marrow registry activism. The society declared him the Maryland finalist for its newly created Above and Beyond Citizens Award. Fifty-one finalists were chosen from across the country. The award is considered the highest recognition that a civilian in the United States can receive.

The community organizer and public relations consultant is onto another outreach effort. Twyman founded the Pray Down the High Gas Prices Movement, which is sweeping across the country and gaining media attention. He is urging citizens to go to the pump and use the power of prayer to make the prices fall down.