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Ohio Church Joins Prayer at the Pump Movement

By Taashi Rowe

For Allegheny East member Rocky Twyman, reducing the escalating cost of gasoline is impossible without prayer. This New Life church member (Gaithersburg, Md.) is determined to take his Prayer at the Pump (PATP) movement nationwide, even internationally. Recently Mike Fortune, senior pastor for the Toledo (Ohio) First church, and a dozen others joined Twyman for a 12-hour prayer vigil. The season of prayer started on Thursday across state lines in Detroit with members of different faiths praying at the pump.

They returned to Toledo and continued praying, this time on Friday and at the
Exxon-Mobil station on the corner of Hill Avenue. They joined hands and sang, "He's got the gas prices, in His hands” to the tune of “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands.”

There were reports that the price of gas did go down in Toledo. Fortune said, “We joined in because we think its okay to ask God to invade the ordinary and lower gas prices. We also wanted to raise awareness for the working poor in our church and community.”

Twyman said PATP started at the First church in Washington, D.C., when senior citizens worried that they could no longer afford the gas it would take to drive to the church’s soup kitchen and volunteer.

“Prayer is the answer to everything in life, and so God impressed me to pray,” he recalled. That day they went to the nearest gas station and started praying.

When asked why some don’t believe there is a connection between prayer and gas prices, Twyman says: “The press is always so skeptical about prayer because prayer is so simple and people generally look for complex solutions.”

Twyman has taken PATP to six states and is planning to take it to St. Louis later this summer. He is doing more than praying though. He is asking people to sign a petition to the oil minister of Saudi Arabia and is encouraging people to carpool and walk when possible.