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Washington Adventist Hospital and Mary’s Center to Expand Services in Montgomery County

By Lydia Parris

Nearly a year after opening Mary’s Center Primary Care Clinic in the Long Branch area of Montgomery County, Maryland, Washington Adventist Hospital (WAH) and Mary’s Center announced that the center will soon add prenatal care to the full range of primary care services currently being offered.

Mary’s Center, located at 8709 Flower Avenue, has served 1,100 patients and had nearly 1,600 total visits in eight months of operation. There are plans to expand the number of people served this year at the 3,600-square-foot primary care center.

With a $250,000 community service grant presented by WAH, Mary’s Center will begin to offer prenatal care to expectant mothers and also serve additional people in need of care in Montgomery and Prince George’s counties, regardless of ability to pay.

“Our continuing partnership with Mary’s Center and the primary care center in Long Branch further expands access to healthcare services for the communities we serve,” said Jere Stocks, WAH president. “We recognize that our communities benefit greatly when we form partnerships like this one. Together we are strengthening the region’s healthcare safety net.”

In 2008 WAH's uncompensated care totaled over $25 million—or 9 percent of its revenue, the highest percentage of any Montgomery County hospital.

A multidisciplinary healthcare team, including two nurse practitioners, an internist, and a pediatrician, provides services at the center and will soon include an obstetrician.

“We at Mary's Center for Maternal and Child Care are constantly striving to serve the needs of our communities,” said Maria Gomez, president and CEO. “Our partnership with Washington Adventist Hospital allows Maryland families to receive quality and culturally appropriate services, which leads to healthier communities."

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