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Hispanic Evangelism Meetings Focus on Christ as the Solution

Story By Taashi Rowe
Photos by Miguel Torres

Encouraged by well-known Spanish-speaking evangelist Alejandro Bullón coming all the way from Brazil to speak in Ohio, more than 700 people recently packed the First Cleveland Spanish church in Cleveland. The meetings started on a Thursday with 300-plus attendees and reached its peak attendance on Sabbath. Oswaldo Magana, pastor of the Cleveland First Hispanic church estimates that 150 were visitors.

Themed, “When Everything Seems Lost Christ is The Solution,” the three-day crusade was one of comfort as it highlighted God’s limitless saving grace.

The First Cleveland Spanish church organized the meetings in cooperation with the Ebenezer and Lorain Spanish churches.

Without a central camp meeting this year local Ohio Conference churches organized their own “Hometown Camp Meetings” and the weekend was one way for the 10 Spanish-speaking congregations to fellowship together. However, the meeting was also steeped in evangelism. Ohio’s Spanish-speaking members began working three months before the meetings to hold Bible studies with those interested in baptism and inviting friends, co-workers and family members to the meetings. Fifteen were baptized during the mini-crusade.

“We made special invitations directly to individuals in a letter on a special paper with a special envelope,” Magana explains. “It was signed and hand-delivered by members.” The letter included a CD of Bullón’s preaching and directed invitees to a website where they could hear more.

“We had about 50 people accept Jesus as their personal Savior so we have a lot of work to do now and we will surely be reaping during the rest of the year,” Magana happily reports.