Reveal Worship Conference Equips Pastors, Ministry Leaders

By Samantha Young
Photos by Beth Michaels

Pastors and ministry leaders—many from throughout North America, and one who traveled from Denmark—assembled at the New Hope church in Fulton, Md., to glean ideas for facilitating meaningful worship experiences. The three-day Reveal Worship Conference included seminars geared specifically for pastors, Sabbath School and worship leaders, musicians, and media technicians.

In the general sessions, nationally recognized speakers focused on multicultural ministry, utilizing technology, leadership, and team building, as well as how to enrich worship with music. The purpose of the event, says coordinator Dave Gemmell, associate director of the North American Division Church Resource Center, was to foster conversation among people in the front lines of ministry who are trying to create an environment of worship that is authentic and relevant.

“I came with a desire to learn how to use media as a way of reaching the people in our community,” says Robb Long, pastor of the Triadelphia church in Clarksville, Md. “Our church plans to videotape our worship services, so we can put them online. Then we’ll invite our neighbors to visit our website to get a glimpse of what we are all about. We hope this will encourage people to visit our church.”