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Prayer Fills Allegheny West Conference Camp Meeting

By Taashi Rowe

With the theme “Pentecost II: Spirit-filled, Spirit-led, and Spirit-anointed” camp meeting in Allegheny West Conference was steeped in prayer. A prayer warrior greeted and prayed with each person who stepped onto the campgrounds. Prayer played a special role this year in preparing the hearts of the people to ramp up the conference’s evangelism efforts. Conference president Fredrick Russell spoke passionately about the need to introduce as many people as possible to Christ. Leaders there hope to baptize 1,000 people into the Seventh-day Adventist faith this year.

Special guest Jerry Page, president of the Central California Conference, shared a touching testimony of what happens when a conference family prays. He shared how his conference went from wanting to cancel camp meetings because no one seemed interested in attending anymore to how prayerful camp meetings became the platform for raising money for amazing evangelism work in that conference.

“We are going to pull out every stop for the kingdom,” Russell said as he appealed for a special evangelism offering on the heels of Page’s testimony. “This is not about equal giving, but equal sacrifice. This is all about getting folks into the kingdom of God.”

He and other conference officers and pastors placed offerings in the basket and the members followed, demonstrating their commitment to building up God’s kingdom.

Evangelism is fine, said divine hour speaker Wintley Phipps, however renewing a passionate love relationship with God is the first step. In his sermon, titled “Loving God is Life’s Greatest Romance,” Phipps compared an earthly romance to a heavenly one with the father.

“Loving God is the root of every moral act,” he said. “But there are [people] in the church who really don’t know how to love God. … Some are more concerned about the work of the church than being in love with Head of church.”

With those thoughts in mind members gathered later on that evening and prayed once more for God’s guidance as they attempt to reach more lost souls for Him.