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Waynesboro Church Volunteers Help Single Moms Drive Safer

By Waynesboro Church Staff

At 7:51 a.m., on a Sunday morning, eight men and two women gathered amid air compressors, car jacks, and other auto repair equipment to ask God’s blessing on the day’s mission.

Seven minutes later, the first mom drove up with her car. Over the next six hours, 23 single moms had their car’s oil and air filters changed, tire pressure checked, light bulbs and windshield wipers changed, fluids refilled, and overall safety of the vehicle checked. One woman brought in a car with tires driven down to the wires, and was able to leave with a brand new set of tires. An auto repair shop owner who attends the Potomac Conference’s Waynesboro (Va.) church, willingly provided the location and equipment, and church volunteers provided the labor and supplies.

“With the economy the way it is it is just so hard for a lot of people,” said Deanna Knoll, a Waynesboro church member, who organized the auto help. “I just wanted to do something for other moms.”

Through newspaper and TV coverage, referrals from the local social services department, fliers posted in the library and word-of-mouth, all 20 appointments were filled by 3 p.m. the previous Friday. However, efficient work by the volunteers, allowed the women on the waiting list to also be assisted. The anchor for the evening news at the local TV station was so excited when he heard about the story he decided to cover it himself, with a clip broadcast on the 6 and 11 p.m. news.

The women, each with their own story of struggles, were very grateful for the assistance with their car’s upkeep. One woman, Michel Gaskin, left with tears in her eyes, saying, “There’s Somebody’s watching out for us.”

Another mom, Aidelle, emailed saying, “I just wanted to thank you and your church for the excellent service that you offered to our community, especially to us single moms that are barely making it.”

The church is planning this event again in early spring of 2010.

“We think even more important than servicing someone’s car is to provide encouragement,” said Will Johns, Pastor of the Waynesboro church. “So they would go home with a sense of hope.”