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Parish Nurse Reaches Across International, Religious Bounds

By Beth Michaels

Katia Reinert, MSN, RN, coordinator for Adventist HealthCare’s Maryland-based faith community nursing (formerly parish nursing) program, recently traveled to several international locations to speak to thousands of women about depression and mental health.

The first stop for Reinert, a member of the Capital Brazilian church in Highland, Md., was at Babcock University in Nigeria for the West Africa Division Women's Congress themed “Touch a Heart Tell the World.” The event brought together more than 4,000 women from 15 African countries. While there, Reinert hosted seminars on depression prevention and recovery, and talked and prayed with many women suffering from depression and anxiety.

“It was simply incredible to see how a healing presence could bring smiles and hope to the dear women in Africa dealing with issues of abuse, poverty, lack of training and mentorship, illiteracy, war, and other critical issues,” Katia stated. “It was truly an amazing experience for me to see God at work bringing healing, answering prayers, and empowering the women to overcome sadness and courageously embrace the calling to serve Him despite their circumstances.”

More recently, Reinert attended the national convention for faith community nurses in St. Louis, Mo. There she was given the opportunity to lead Sabbath worship for the attendees who represented numerous faiths and religions. “I had the opportunity to share about the second coming of Christ as a source of hope,” Reinert notes. She was also part of the praise team.