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2010 News Archives

December 16, 2010--Former Columbia Union President, Neal C. Wilson, Dies at 90

December 16, 2010--Shenandoah Valley School Shares Joy, Honors Veterans

December 14, 2010--Memorial Walk Honors Slain Student Missionary

December 7, 2010--Adventist Humanitarian Resource Center Hosts 3rd Annual Free Community

December 6, 2010--Barry Tryon to Leave Pennsylvania

December 6, 2010--New Jersey Dedicates Office as House of Prayer, Evangelism Training Cent

December 2, 2010--Potomac Youth Shower Families With Food, Clothes

December 1, 2010--Uniontown Members Feed a Hungry Community

December 1, 2010--Capitol Hill Members Run For the Homeless

November 29, 2010--Shenandoah Valley Elementary Hosts Thanksgiving Banquet

November 23, 2010--Fire at Highland View Academy Started in Clothes Dryer

November 22, 2010--Sligo Provides Thanksgiving for 600 Families

November 22, 2010--Trinity Church Brings Together Bryan, Defiance Members

November 18, 2010--Frank Perez Honored at Year-end Meetings

November 18, 2010--D.C. Area Young Adults Enjoy First Fridays

November 16, 2010--Pennsylvanians Discuss Future of Their Camp

November 15, 2010--Treasurers Shore Up Their Skills at Fall Meetings

November 15, 2010--Beltsville Church Hosts Film Screening Promoting Vegetarianism

November 11, 2010--Washington Adventist Hospital Doctor Interviewed on Radio

November 10, 2010--Columbia Union Members Named NAD Directors

November 9, 2010--WGTS Organizes Saturday Evening Worship Service

November 9, 2010--Atholton Adventist Academy Named State Fitness Champions

November 8, 2010--Communication Leaders Discuss Branding and Technology

November 2, 2010--Columbia Union Members Win Communication Awards

October 26, 2010--Vibrant Life Fun Run Attracts 169

October 26, 2010--Allegheny West Members Focus on “Leading the Change”

October 26, 2010--ACS Leaders Gather for Empowerment Weekend

October 21, 2010--700 Attend Fall Camporee, Serve Punxsutawney Community

October 21, 2010--Metropolitan Church Dedicates Activity Center

October 20, 2010--Pennsylvania Hispanic Youth Text God's Grace

October 14, 2010--Allegheny East Member Featured in Washington Post

October 7, 2010--Ohio Hosts 6th Innovation Conference

October 4, 2010--Allegheny East Celebrates Opening of New Office Building

October 4, 2010--Fall Meeting Brings Good News

October 1, 2010--11 Graduate From Montclair Church's Life Skills Academy

September 29, 2010--Adventist Lawyers Meet, Mentor Students

September 29, 2010--Adventist HealthCare Donates a Ton of Pet Food to Humane Society

September 27, 2010--Changes Prepare the Review and Herald for the Future of Publishing

September 27, 2010--Potomac Constituents Re-elect Officers

September 23, 2010--Washington Adventist University Names New Vice President for Ministry

September 15, 2010--September Visitor Recognizes Women in Ministry

September 15, 2010--Washington Adventist University Names Interim Provost

September 13, 2010--Vibrant Life Magazine Marks 125 Years

September 9, 2010--Berks County Members Help with Extreme Makeover

September 9, 2010--3,000 Attend Young Adult GODencounters Conference

September 8, 2010--Highland View Students Featured in Environmental Textbook

September 8, 2010--Hamburg's Community Service Center Becomes Reality

September 2, 2010--Adventist Risk Management Names New CFO

September 2, 2010--Bladensburg Church Helps 125 Cars Gas Up

September 2, 2010--Adventists Prepare for Hurricane Earl

September 1, 2010--Adventist Hospitals First to Present 3-D “Artery Tours” to D.C. Res

August 24, 2010--First Church Urges D.C. Youth to “Stand Up”

August 24, 2010--Hackettstown Hospital's Primary Stroke Center Earns National Recognition

August 11, 2010--Fredericksburg Hosts Fundraising Concert for Sick Child

August 9, 2010--Fred Manchur Named Kettering's Next President and CEO

August 3, 2010--Chow Named President of Adventist World Radio

August 3, 2010--Washington Adventist Hospital Welcomes International Adventist Visitors

July 22, 2010--Adventist HealthCare Promotes Planned Hospital at Town Anniversary

July 22, 2010--Alumna Accepts Academy Principalship

July 22, 2010--Former Math Chair Appointed Principal at Pine Forge Academy

July 15, 2010--Kettering Acquires Seventh Hospital

July 15, 2010--Kettering Receives Ohio Governor's Award

July 13, 2010--70 Campers Register for Fit 4 You Retreat

July 12, 2010--KCMA's Eye Doc in a Box Seminar Teaches Evangelism

June 30, 2010--480 Communicators Report on GC Session

June 30, 2010--Allegheny East Pastor Speaks at GC Session

June 30, 2010--3 Ways to Keep Up With the Session

June 30, 2010--Message Distributes 100,000 Special Editions

June 30, 2010--NAD Associate Treasurer Called to Korea

June 29, 2010--Seminars Available for Session Attendees

June 29, 2010--Columbia Union Delegates Report

June 29, 2010--Delegates Discuss and Vote Deaconess Ordination

June 29, 2010--Adventists Noted in the Baltimore Sun

June 29, 2010--Potomac Brings Children's Camp to Session

June 28, 2010--Exhibit Spotlight – Adventist Healthcare Representatives

June 28, 2010--Union Members Join Race for Health

June 28, 2010--Changes in Education and Family Life

June 28, 2010--Associate Officers Elected

June 28, 2010--Dan Jackson Elected President of the North American Division

June 25, 2010--Columbia Union Son Elected General Conference President

June 25, 2010--Potomac Conference Members Anchor Session News Show

June 25, 2010--Pennsylvania Young Adult Speaks at GC Session

June 24, 2010--Columbia Union Ministries, Schools Exhibit at Session

June 24, 2010--World Church Meetings Begin in Atlanta

June 22, 2010--Blue Mountain Academy Student Awarded for Service

June 21, 2010--Breath of Life Elder Named County Leader of the Year

June 17, 2010--Union Names New Youth Coordinator

June 15, 2010--Traveling Bible Stops at Baltimore School

June 14, 2010--Olney Teacher Receives Alumni Foundation Award

June 8, 2010--Mountain View Re-Elects Officers, Sets Sights on Reaching Lost

June 3, 2010--I Went to Church Planting School

June 1, 2010--Columbia Union Men “Awakened” at Conference

May 26, 2010--Kettering Medical Center to Develop Dayton's Most Advanced Proton Therapy

May 18, 2010--Ohioans Re-Elect President for Fourth Term

May 18, 2010--Columbia Union Holds Midyear Meetings

May 13, 2010--Adventist Leaders Learn to “BreakThrough” Conflict

May 13, 2010--President of Hackettstown Regional Medical Center to Retire

May 11, 2010--New Beavercreek Hospital Named Following Major Donation

May 11, 2010--Allegheny West Conference Announces New Superintendent

May 6, 2010--Kettering CEO Announces Plans to Retire

May 5, 2010--Union Wide Disaster Response Training a Success

May 4, 2010--WAU Celebrates First Graduation; Inaugurates President

May 3, 2010--Spencerville Member Awarded for Work in Domestic Violence Education

April 29, 2010--Adventist Behavioral Health Opens New Acute Psychiatry Unit for Seniors

April 28, 2010--Alumni Convene Think Tank on Adventist Education

April 28, 2010--Kettering College Prepares for 42nd Commencement

April 26, 2010--Adventist HealthCare Staff Aid Haiti Earthquake Victims

April 22, 2010--Beltsville Member Creates New Nonprofit

April 20, 2010--Cohansey School Holds First Online Class Day

April 14, 2010--Adventists Make Friends With Community Leaders

April 13, 2010--Local Haitian Memorial Service Draws 1,500

April 12, 2010--Groundbreaking Signals Growth at WAU

April 12, 2010--Prayer Congress Directs Youth to “Salvation and Service”

April 12, 2010--New Review and Herald Magazine Targets Unchurched Children

April 7, 2010--Documentary to Air on PBS 300 Times

April 7, 2010--Ephesus Member to Lead Minority Affairs at Ohio State University

April 7, 2010--Ohio Welcomes New Treasurer

March 31, 2010--Columbia Union Churches Attend CHIP Training

March 29, 2010--Churches Participate in Pathfinder Bible Achievement

March 24, 2010--Documentary on Adventists to Air on PBS

March 23, 2010--Chesapeake Member Named University's Acting President

March 17, 2010--Columbia Union Members Assume New Pastoral Roles for Adventist HealthCare

March 11, 2010--Chesapeake Church Visits Haiti

March 11, 2010--FCC Rule May Impact Churches and Schools

March 11, 2010--Adventist HealthCare Offers Free Health Screenings

March 10, 2010--Allegheny East Pastor Prays Before State Senate

March 9, 2010--Adventist HealthCare Hosts Love Your Heart Event

March 9, 2010--Washington Adventist University Alumni to Premiere Opera at Carnegie Hall

March 8, 2010--Disaster Response Coordinators Meet

March 4, 2010--Reynoldsburg and Westerville Churches Compete in “Souper Bible Bowl”

March 3, 2010--Pennsylvania to Host Unionwide CHIP Training

March 3, 2010--Education Blog Keeps Members Informed

February 24, 2010--Senate Confirms Capitol Hill Member's Appointment to Key White House P

February 22, 2010--Church Health Ministries Leaders Network

February 17, 2010--Capitol Hill Members Start Adventist Group on Public Campus

February 16, 2010--Historic Storms Close Churches, Schools, and Conferences

February 15, 2010--York Member Honored for 35 Years of Service to Blind

February 9, 2010--Waynesboro Member Selected Social Security Judge

February 4, 2010--25 Ways Columbia Union Members are Helping Haiti

February 3, 2010--Kettering College Hosts “Texting for Haiti” Event

February 2, 2010--Community Praise Member Named Lourie Center Executive Director

February 2, 2010--Kettering College Receives $431,000 Gift

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February 1, 2010--Snow Closes Churches, New Joy Members Worship By Phone

Janaury 27, 2010--Kettering Health Employees Join Martin Luther King Jr. March

January 27, 2010--Beltsville Church Hosts Community Bible Reading Day

January 26, 2010--Sligo, Potomac Schools Walk for Homeless

January 21, 2010--Haiti Update #4

Janaury 19, 2009--Haiti Update #3 – 12 Media Stories Featuring Adventists

January 19, 2009--Washington Adventist Hospital Raises $177,000 at 21st Annual Gala

January 14, 2010--AdventSource Creates Webinar Series

January 14, 2010--Haiti Update 2: Columbia Union President Calls for Members to Pray, Give

January 13, 2010--Columbia Union Adventists Respond to Haiti Earthquake

January 12, 2010--Newly Elected Pottstown Mayor is an Adventist

January 7, 2010--Grant Allows Good Neighbor House to Expand Services

January 4, 2010--Roundtable Honors WGTS General Manager With Community Award

January 4, 2010--Frederick Member Named Gaithersburg-Germantown Chamber of Commerce Chair