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Newly Elected Pottstown Mayor is an Adventist

By Taashi Rowe

When people in the Borough of Pottstown, Pa., suggested that Bonnie Heath run for mayor, she laughed. So did her friends. “I’ve heard that people can see right through me,” she explains. “And I’ve been told that I’m a pretty soft sell.”

However, since she became a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in 1982, Heath has come to believe in waiting for God’s timing and realizing that He always has a plan. Heath now attends Allegheny East Conference’s Walnut Street Community church in Pottstown.

A majority of the voters in the town of some 22,000 people were inspired by her platform, which included mutual respect, tolerance, and economic development.

“I wanted to get more involved in my community and persuade others to get involved as well,” she says. “I believe that if people are respectful and honest and talk to each other the path would be made clear.”

She holds a master’s degree in educational psychology from Andrews University (Mich.), has taken courses in pastoral counseling, and has worked in the community mental health field for 30 years. She moved to Pottstown 10 years ago with her husband, Mason, who vowed he would never become a Christian.

However, God intervened when Heath and her husband visited the Walnut Street church to hear the organ that her neighbor donated to the church.

“We fell in love with the people, and I realized this has to be a part of God’s plan,” she says. “Mason is now doing Bible studies and preparing to be baptized.”