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Beltsville Church Hosts Community Bible Reading Day

By Beltsville Church Staff
Photos by Akiiki Kiiza

Potomac Conference’s Beltsville (Md.) church was the most recent stop on a worldwide tour of a multi-language Bible. Each book of this Bible is translated into a different language, totaling 66 languages. This traveling Bible is an initiative of the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s world headquarters.

Hoping to inspire millions of Seventh-day Adventists to implement personal daily Bible study, the world church sent the Bible to each of its 13 world regions. At each of its stops Adventist Churches host a community Bible reading day and invite everyone in the community to participate. At the Beltsville church, local community leaders read the Bible, along with members of the congregation, during both of the church’s worship services that day.

Maryland State Senator Jim Rosapepe read the Bible in Romanian, because he had served as U.S. Ambassador to Romania in the Clinton administration. Father Michael Kerestes read in Old Slovakian, because his St. Gregory Orthodox Church conducts parts of its services in that language. Other guests read in English, while local Beltsville members read in Telegu, Spanish, Tamil, Indonesian, Korean, Karen, Tagalog, Portuguese, and Burmese.

Everyone also read in English and then explained why they had picked that passage and what they thought its message was for Beltsville church members in 2010.

"We had the day in order to connect with our community, but we also connected with God as the 13 readers explained their passion for the passage of Scripture that they picked," said Beltsville Pastor Kermit Netteburg.