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Reynoldsburg and Westerville Churches Compete in “Souper Bible Bowl”

By Mike Barnett

What started as an annual food drive for a local charitable organization has become a friendly competition between the Ohio Conference’s Reynoldsburg and Westerville churches. Rotating yearly, each church collects either peanut butter or vegetable soup. A volunteer from each church creates artwork under which the food piles up. The churches then face off in a Bible Bowl competition.

Points are given for the amount of soup or peanut butter raised by each church and by offering correct answers regarding the biblical book chosen. Points are totaled and the winning church savors their victory until they square off again the following year. Last year the competition was so tight that the value of peanut butter versus soup had to be agreed on!

Recently the two churches went helmet to helmet to reveal which knew the most about the book of Judges, and finished only 2 points apart (189-187!) out of a possible 200 points total. Westerville barely edged out Reynoldsburg. Westerville also collected more peanut butter than Reynoldsburg did soup and so they are the undisputed champs in 2010.

Both congregations enjoy unselfish giving and learning about a specific book of the Bible. Contestants also enjoy each other’s company during dinner together after the competition. However, as Westerville member Phil Wilson stated, “the real winners are the hungry people getting the soup and peanut butter!” Next year’s competition focuses on the book of Acts.