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Washington Adventist University Alumni to Premiere Opera at Carnegie Hall

By Celeste Ryan Blyden

Marcos Galvany, who studied composition at Washington Adventist University (WAU) in Takoma Park, Md., and was a “composer in residence” there, will premiere his new operatic work April 10 at Carnegie Hall. Oh My Son is based on the life of Jesus—His passion, resurrection, mission and work—and focuses on His relationships with His mother, Mary; Mary Magdalene; Pilate; and the apostle John.

When asked about the drive and inspiration of the opera, composer/lyricist and producer Marcos Galvany explains, "As a child I was inspired by the Bible stories my mother told me about each piece of art pertaining to the passion and nativity. This was my first real spiritual meal. As I grew older, I was truly inspired by the Biblical story of Jesus Christ. That is the major part of my inspiration, and that is the story I want to tell, but, it’s not just about telling the story again. It’s about bringing the story to people in a real way.”

Originally from Spain, the composer and conductor, has performed with WAU’s New England Youth Ensemble in Europe, Canada, Russia, Australia, South Africa, Mexico, Jamaica and the United States.

His cast of eight includes two WAU graduates: Javier Gonzalez is a tenor and member of Chesapeake Conference’s Spencerville church in Silver Spring, Md. He plays John the Beloved Apostle. Soprano Karla Rivera, a New Jersey native and 2000 WAU graduate, is also a Spencerville church member and plays Mary, Jesus’ mother. Galvany is a member of the Potomac Conference’s Takoma Park (Md.) church.

For a sample of the opera, several members of the cast will be performing arias in the following locations:

• March 12 - Embassy of Dominican Republic, 6 p.m.

• March 13 - Beltsville (Md.) Church (9:30 a.m. service and 11:00 a.m. service)

March 21 - Our Lady of Victory church in Washington, D.C. at 5:30 p.m. (Fundraiser for Haiti earthquake victims). For more information, call (202) 337-4835.

Learn more about the opera at