Chesapeake Church Visits Haiti

By Celeste Ryan Blyden

Rajkumar Dixit and Ann Roda, associate pastors at Chesapeake’s New Hope church, have just returned from Haiti where they spent a week volunteering at Eden Garden Orphanage with a small group of their members. The orphanage, run by Potomac members Charles and Gigi LeMorzellec, is located just outside the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince. It offers a medical clinic, K-8 schooling for 250 kids, housing for nearly 40 children and a fresh-water well, which supports nearly 1,000 people in the community. Pastor Dixit blogged about the trip at Here’s a recent post: “After spending a few days behind the private gates at Eden Garden Orphanage, I forgot about the level of despair that exists. Here is what we saw:

Families living in tents made out of fabric tied to long stick. These tents are not waterproof or fireproof. Homes made of cardboard which were not holding up well after the rain. Children running in the middle of the streets barefoot. A mother bathing and drinking out of trash-filled gutter as a large hog stands beside her. Tens of thousands of people walking aimlessly, hungry—in search of jobs and food.”  LINK TO THIS BLOG    LISTEN TO PODCAST INTERVIEW WITH RAJKUMAR