Columbia Union Son Elected General Conference President

By Celeste Ryan Blyden

"Mr. Chair, for president of the General Conference for the next quinquennium, the Nominating Committee presents the name of Ted Wilson,” announced Cindy Tutsch, committee secretary.

Before the vote was even taken, applause and “amens” echoed throughout the Georgia Dome. Moments after the nearly unanimous vote, Wilson and his wife were received on stage with a standing ovation.

“Nancy and I are humbled beyond words at the encouragement and confidence of our people. To be requested to be a servant leader is something that truly brings us to our knees,” he said.

In his five-minute speech, Wilson affirmed his commitment to Scripture, the Spirit of Prophecy and the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s mission. “This is not just another denomination. This is God’s remnant church. … This church needs beyond anything else to fall on its knees, ask for God’s guidance, to recognize that we need to humble ourselves and to ask the Holy Spirit for revival and reformation so that the latter rain will fall.”

Dave Weigley, president of the Columbia Union Conference, and a member of the Nominating Committee, gave this reaction to Wilson’s election: “This is an exciting moment for the Columbia Union to see one of own our leaders—his father was president of our union. Ted has made a tremendous contribution to the world church. As we looked at candidates in the Nominating Committee we saw very clearly that here is someone who has a depth of experience in the world field. He’s a solid Seventh-day Adventist. There is no question about where Ted stands regarding the message God has entrusted to this church. We are employees at a time in the church where we need to give a clarion call of the Adventist message. I’m going to ask for our entire union to join the world field in praying for his very, very heavy responsibilities.”