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Barry Tryon to Leave Pennsylvania

Story by Celeste Ryan Blyden and Tamyra Horst

After 22 years in the Pennsylvania Conference, Barry Tryon, executive secretary, is leaving. On January 1, he begins a new role as associate professor of Religion at Southern Adventist University (Tenn.). “I have always enjoyed the teaching and development of young pastors,” shares Tryon. “I’m looking forward to working with prospective pastors on the university level as they prepare for ministry.”

Tryon, who has served as conference ministerial director and executive secretary for more than six years, previously shepherded the Hampden Heights church in Temple, Pa., and the Philadelphia Boulevard church. His wife, Lilly, has served as the Pennsylvania Conference Health Ministries director for nearly seven years, as a wellness coaching coordinator for the Adventist Whole Health Network in Wyomissing, Pa., and as a columnist for the Columbia Union Visitor. She’s the principal contributor for the 2011 Visitor Calendar, which focuses on health.

“We have been greatly blessed by the ministry of both Barry and Lilly Tryon,” says conference president Ray Hartwell. “They have poured their willing spirit into ministry at several levels of leadership in the conference.”

At the Columbia Union Conference Year-end Meetings last month, officers presented Barry (second from right) with a clock and thanked him for his service in this field. “We have served 22 of our 25 years of pastoral ministry in Pennsylvania,” Tryon states. “We will miss the people of Pennsylvania and wish them the best as they continue to treat Pennsylvania as a mission field.”