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Fox News Spotlights Good Manners at Olney Adventist Prep

Story by Yvette Patton
Photo by Everett Litten

Raquel Fuller, a student at Olney Adventist Preparatory School in Olney, Md., practices etiquette with principal Jami Walker.

Fox 5 News reporter Holly Hunter recently filmed a live, three-segment story on Olney Adventist Preparatory School and their etiquette classes taught by Christine Chen, school board chair and cofounder of the Olney, Md., school and president of Global Professional Protocol.

For the filming, kindergarteners and fifth- through eighth-graders donned their school logo-embossed, navy cardigan sweaters along with their Monday plaid jumpers or navy pants and ties. Kindergarteners lined up to acknowledge their teacher, Shelley Tenali, and to be welcomed to class. Sixth-, seventh- and eighth-graders demonstrated their continental dining skills, and eighth-graders illustrated the proper way to introduce people to one another. To watch the news story, click here.

Established with careful, detailed purpose by its founders, “Olney Prep” has always held the explicit tenets of teaching respect for others through avenues such as the etiquette class, providing a curriculum tailored to each student and offering an Adventist education of top quality. The founders believed, and supporters continue to believe, that high standards and specific objectives are essential. At Olney Prep, , they believe that “[by] their fruits ye shall know them” (see Matt. 7:16).

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