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College Students Partner With Publishing Ministries

Story By David Park

ANEW, a Seventh-day Adventist student-organized, student-led network of secular campus ministries in the mid-Atlantic region, recently spent two weeks canvassing in Maryland.

The students worked with Reginald Alexander, the associate director of Publishing for the Allegheny East Conference’s Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, in conjunction with the Reaching Hearts church in Spencerville, Md. They focused on the conference’s scholarship canvassing program called Youth for Change. Students said they left the program more equipped and inspired to tackle their secular campuses.

Kwabena Yamoah, a physiology neurobiology major at the University of Maryland in College Park, said he has seen God answer prayers and open hearts during those two weeks. “It’s one thing when people testify that God has performed miracles in their lives but it’s a totally different experience when you see the Spirit of God working on the heart of an individual,” he marveled. “One thing I learned from canvassing is that the Holy Spirit works on the canvasser’s heart and reveals things to him, just as He works on the other individual’s heart.”

Antonia Richards, who is studying for her master’s in chemistry education at Cornell University (N.Y.), said while she had some good memories and bad. However, she’ll never forget when she “met an Army man going through a rough time. We caught him while he was on his way to drink his problems away. It was a blessing we were able to encourage him and pray for him and stop him from purchasing alcohol. We left him with a health book instead and words of encouragement. Continue to pray. His name is Woody.”

Katie Smith, a nutritional sciences major at Cornell University, added, “Throughout my canvassing experience I learned that God wants us to share Him with others even if we think they may turn us down. Only God knows just who is seeking to know more about Him, who is ready to receive and read books that will lead them to a closer relationship with Jesus. It is simply our job to go where He leads.”

The ANEW network spans seven states, including Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. In each state, ANEW’s vision is, “a great awakening of secular campuses that stand ready for the return of Christ.” Some 18 ANEW students plan to work with the conference for 10 weeks this summer. For more information, visit