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Sligo Senior Pastor Recognized for Excellence

Story by Taashi Rowe

Oakwood University’s (Ala.) Communication Department recently recognized Charles Tapp, senior pastor of the Sligo church in Takoma Park, Md., with an award of excellence. The James E. Dykes Alumni Communicator Award is presented at their alumni banquet each year. Tapp graduated from the school in 1982 with a dual degree in communication and theology.

“We give this award to department alumni who’ve demonstrated excellence in the communication field,” said Rennae Elliott, PhD, who chairs the department.

When reflecting on the award, Tapp said, “I’m grateful that the teachers at Oakwood, like those at many of our [Seventh-day Adventist] schools, see you for who you can be and not what you are. This is what Christ does, and I thank them for that.”

Tapp, who stuttered as a youth, began his career in radio when Stanley Ware, the manager of Oakwood’s radio station, now deceased, “took pity” on him and gave him a job. Later on, Tapp came back to Oakwood and taught in the Communication, History and Religion departments. He also travelled to Jamaica and taught at Northern Caribbean University by day and built their first recording studio by night.

“I love pastoring and communication, and I have always tried to combine the two,” he said. In addition to pastoring, Tapp teaches the principles of Christian faith and a course on prayer in the Religion Department at Washington Adventist University in Takoma Park, Md. His sermons can be heard on the Simple Truths for Life broadcast at the university’s WGTS radio station.