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“The Columbia Union family is experiencing indescribable loss and sorrow in the sudden passing of a dedicated, passionate, soul-winning administrator for Christ. Elder Harcombe was not just my executive secretary, he was my brother and friend, and over the last five years we worked side-by-side to advance God’s mission and bring people to Him. I look forward to the day when we will be reunited with Neville, listen to his stories, hear his infectious laughter and never have to part with him again. In the meantime, we pray that God’s love and comfort will surround Cindy, Doug, Denita and the entire Harcombe family.” —Dave Weigley, President, Columbia Union Conference

“Neville was a real inspiration, easy to get along with and fun to work with. He had me laughing most of the time. Even when we have difficult or complex situations to deal with as officers, he had a way of reminding us that God is always in control. We spent many hours in each other’s offices, and he would always check to see how I and my family were doing. He loved 'pulling' Teresa's leg, making her almost believe all his stories. It was not just a professional relationship, it was a true Christian brotherhood. He always reminded me we were the only two true African Americans in union office. My family and I will truly miss him; we’re looking forward to seeing him in the morning.” —Seth Bardu, Treasurer, Columbia Union Conference

“Neville was a man who had a keen interest in each aspect of God’s work. His love for God and his enthusiasm for God’s church will be sorely missed.”—Dan Jackson, President, North American Division (NAD)

“With Neville’s untimely death, Chesapeake has lost one of its treasures. Neville was well-loved by his associates, employees and a host of constituents. His endearing personal manner made him easy to like. While serving here as an executive officer, this conference enjoyed 17 years of steady growth and financial stability. He brought a kinder, gentler style of leadership to his role as president. His influence throughout Chesapeake as well as the Columbia Union will be greatly missed. Our hearts and prayers go out to Cindy, Denita and Doug, and their families during this difficult time.”—Rob Vandeman, President, Chesapeake Conference

“Neville was a consummate statesman and world ambassador for his dearest Friend, Jesus, and his life legacy leaves a trail of well-marked Ebenezers—benchmarks that continue to reverberate in the lives of hundreds of us who are living legends—legacies in people! Neville’s life touched my heart. He touched my life. And I am eternally grateful. It is difficult to say ‘good-bye’ to those we love. But as H.M.S. Richards used to say, “Neville has just laid down for a little rest and well-deserved nap from the Kindergarten of this life until resurrection to the Great University of the Hereafter.” Thank God for the “blessed hope!” Good-bye Neville. We’ll see you in the morning!”—E. Lonnie Melashenko, Vice President for Spiritual Care and Missions, Kettering Adventist HealthCare 

“Neville and I just met last night to go over mission and evangelism plans for 2011-2012. We set dates for him and I to go to Liberia and South Africa to help establish radio stations in those locations, a mission trip to South Africa with WGTS listeners and plans for an evangelism series in Ukraine. I’ve personally known Neville for the past 29 years. He has always been a mentor to me; his calmness and vision led WGTS through a turbulent time and brought it out bigger and stronger than before. I will miss his larger than life stories; he would always say in the middle of the story, ‘Can you believe it?’”—John Konrad, Vice President and General Manager, WGTS 91.9 FM

“I was saddened to hear of Pastor Harcombe's passing today. I posted the news to our Lone Star Camp Facebook Group. We remember him well from the ministerial conferences and the times he spoke to us. I particularly remember Mrs. Harcombe's kindness to me when I was a lifeguard. … The Harcombes were always a friend of young people, and I will never forget how she went to bat for me and my lifeguards. … God bless you all and thank you for sharing Pastor Harcombe with us. He and Mrs. Harcombe were living examples of the kind of people Jesus would have us to be. A lot of young people in the church are now old people in the church because of their example.”—Tom and Sheila King, via email

“I used to work at the Columbia Union Conference for about nine years, and I called him Uncle Neville! He even came to my wedding and I was thrilled! I am absolutely numb and in shock at his sudden passing; my prayers are with you all at Columbia Union and his family.”—Elaine Allston, via email

“Neville was always a pleasure to work with—so kind, so competent, so engaging. What a loss to our church, our union and our university.”—Margaret McFarland, Washington Adventist University Trustee

“What a shock! Lots of people on our staff here at the NAD were devastated by this news. We are definitely keeping the Harcombe family and Columbia Union family in our prayers.”—George Johnson Jr., Communication Director, North American Division

“This is a shock and a great loss for the Union and for WAU. Please convey my thoughts and prayers to Neville’s family.”—Sandra Loughlin, Washington Adventist University Trustee

“I felt compelled to write and let someone know that Neville Harcombe preached our wedding over 30 years ago. He and Cindy have always held a special place in our hearts. Please pass our heartfelt condolences to Cindy, Denita and Doug. We are very saddened at the loss of this sweet man.”—Joni and Steve Darmody, via email

“The entire Allegheny West Conference family is heartbroken at the unexpected and tragic news of Neville Harcombe's passing. Neville was a man of principle and totally character-driven in both how he led and lived. There was no dichotomy between his public and private life—he was a godly man at all times. We pray God's strength for Cindy Harcombe and her entire family, and that God will meet each of them at their individual points of need.”—Fredrick A. Russell, President, Allegheny West Conference

“I have truly lost a friend! My prayers ascend for the family.”—Phyllis Edmonds, Esq, Washington Adventist University Trustee

"Very sad to hear about the untimely death of Pastor Harcombe. He rests till resurrection morning. Our condolences, love and prayers for his family—Cindy, Denita and Doug." —José Cortes Jr., via Facebook

“How does one fully convey the sense of loss felt when a good friend, effective colleague and gentle soul goes to his rest? Elder Harcombe was a strong supporter of Adventist education ministry across the Columbia Union, serving the cause in a variety of capacities, perhaps most notably as chair of the K-16 Columbia Union Board of Education for the past five years. Over and above his faithful service however, losing one with such a tender heart, infectious sense of humor, quick wit, and compassionate manner leaves a gap in the Union family, which will be long lasting. I look forward to seeing my dear brother on that glorious morn when our Great King returns!” —Hamlet Canosa, Vice President for Education, Columbia Union Conference

“I was blessed to have the opportunity to know and work with Neville for the last 12 years. We had just completed working on four different sets of bylaws in preparation for the Columbia Union constituency meeting. I valued his warmth, sense of humor and knowing that he loved his job and the people he worked with. He will be greatly missed.” —Edward Motschiedler, Retired Executive Secretary, Columbia Union Conference

“Neville was my president in the Chesapeake Conference when I was the pastor of the Dover (Del.) church. I saw in him a true gentleman, someone dedicated to God’s cause, and one who loved his family and God’s church with all his heart. I am grateful and honored to have known such a great man of God.” —Claudio Consuegra, Director of Family Ministries, North American Division

“I am so sorry to hear about the death of Elder Harcombe. I have very fond memories of talks with him. While I was a student at Highland View Academy, he would always allow me to sing during camp meeting for special music on Sabbath. He was always incredibly encouraging about my personal ministry of music. One experience that I remember was during the Saturday evening meeting while Pastor Frank Ottati was preaching ... there was a terrible storm and the power went out while I was singing "We Shall Behold Him." It was so scary (lots of thunder and lightning) and Elder Harcombe gave me a hug and thumbs up for not being afraid and for completing the song, even while the storm raged. God is good and I am confident that Elder Harcombe is safe in His care.” —Joey Norwood Tolbert, via email

“It is with sadness that we have received the news of the untimely death of a dear friend, spirited missionary and inspiring leader. Neville has been key and instrumental in changing the lives of so many individuals in a significant way on the continent of Africa. Having served as Southern Africa Union (SAU) president, I witnessed the immense privilege and benefits of having a partner/sister union in the USA. It was Neville’s missionary spirit and conviction, which initiated such a splendid interaction. The SAU and heaven will forever be grateful and will recognise the numerous missionary outreaches, development investments, evangelism endeavours and baptised souls, which can directly be related to his initiations. Many a tangible monument will stand on this continent in this Union as a testimony of Neville’s love and care for God’s work and the cause of His Kingdom. His kind and spirited enthusiasm and his presence will indeed be sorely missed. As extended Seventh-day Adventist family, we will morn his passing, but not like the unbelieving. We look forward with much hope to the Lord’s soon return, when we, by His grace, will be reunited with Neville for life eternal. We pray that the Lord will comfort Cindy and family by his caring and embracing presence.” —Francois Louw, Former President, Southern Africa Union

“Our paths crossed for many shared years in Potomac Conference and then in the Columbia Union when Neville worked at Chesapeake Conference. We worked on so many education-related issues during those years. Even in the middle of some very intense academy board meetings where voice levels could be raised to high levels, Neville was always a master of calm with a little twinkle in his eye as we then focused on finding middle ground. May God especially bless Cindy, his children and grandchildren as they feel this loss until a reunion in heaven.” —Richard Osborn, Vice President, Western Association of Schools & Colleges

“My husband, Cheeko Cotta, and I have many fond memories of the days we served together with Neville, Cindy and their family in the Potomac Conference. In fact, Cindy introduced us to homemade soft tacos and that, for us, was love at first taste! It is always a blow to the church when a beloved leader is taken so suddenly, and we were shocked to discover this tragic news via Facebook yesterday! We are keeping the family in our hearts and prayers.” —Nancy and Cheeko Cotta, Florida Conference

“I am very saddened by this death. I worked with his son, Doug, for about four years back in the 1990's. I had the utmost respect for Elder Harcombe; he was the nicest and most honest man. He will greatly be missed but so looking forward to seeing him again when Jesus returns. I Praise God that he did not have to suffer, but am also praying for the family in their loss. May our Lord heal them and give them wisdom, discernment and understanding in all that they are going through.”—Jennifer Perez, via email

“I have known Neville Harcombe for over 20 years. He has always been a strong supporter of New Jersey Conference and of evangelism. I will miss his friendship, kind smile and laugh. My condolences to Neville’s family and the staff of the Columbia Union at this time of deep sadness and loss. We in New Jersey are praying for all of you.” —Jose H. Cortes, President, New Jersey Conference

“I am shocked and saddened to hear of the passing of Elder Harcombe. He was a big supporter of Washington Adventist University and always took time to talk to students at the university. The Harcombe family and the entire Columbia Union family are in my thoughts and prayers.” —Aaron Wilson, Student, Washington Adventist University

“It is so sad to know that Uncle Joe is no longer with us in this life. His death has come as a big hit and surprise to us. Kindly send our deepest condolences to the family on behalf of the pastors of the West Africa Union Mission. We are in deep sympathy with you.”—Pastor Emmanuel Smith, Ministerial Secretary, West Africa Union Mission

“I was privileged to be Neville's personal secretary at Chesapeake Conference for 10 years from 1995 to 2005. … At the time I just took it for granted that he was a great guy and so much fun to work with. He made going to work fun. When I arrived at the office around 7:50 a.m. many Monday mornings before staff worship at 8 o'clock, Neville would already be at his desk praying, sometimes on his knees. He was a true leader. When something needed to be cared for, no matter how difficult, he stepped up to the plate and made the decision to do what needed to be done. Even though I was the secretary, he always made me feel important, privately and with others in the office. He was my friend and I will miss him.”—Millie Maplesden, Retired Administrative Secretary, Chesapeake Conference

“The Ghana Union Conference has learned with sorrow the passing away of Elder Harcombe. We mourn with you in this trying time in your life. Elder Harcombe has been part of the Columbia Union team who have been very supportive of the development of the Valley View University in Ghana. We'll never forget him. His memory will forever remain with us here in Ghana. Take heart, my sister, GOD is still on His throne. May He strengthen and shepherd you and your children through this ‘valley of the shadow of death.’ Please extend our greetings to your family. On behalf of the Ghana Union Conference and the Valley View University, I pray that the LORD will cover you in the shelter of His wings. GOD be with you.” —Samuel Larmie, President, Ghana Union Conference

“Very rarely does a pastor experience a conference president as also the chief pastor of the conference. Ten years ago when he called me to pastor in Chesapeake, Elder Harcombe put my family right at ease! He was very human and related to us without a sense of caution. … He was a godly president, inclusive and was willing to make mistakes and humbly laugh when it was brought to his attention. He was a visionary even though stepping out of the status quo could become unpopular and risky! I shall always remember the privilege to pastor under his leadership. … The last time I saw Neville was back in early March when asked to do worship for the union. I was so happy to see Neville at the helm waiting patiently for me to arrive. There were no censures or jokes about losing a job for being late! He immediately launched into reflecting to the worshipers how valuable I was to pastoral ministry. He remembered the names of our children and special things about us! … Neville shall be in the hall of fame of conference presidents when we meet together for the great banquet of the earth made new! May the lessons learned from his dedicated life continue to grow God's special church for this time!” —Steve Wall, Pastor, Chesapeake Conference

“It's a privilege to be able to say that Neville and I have been friends just about all our lives and in a way have been connected longer than that. Our grandmothers were best friends in a quiet little town on the Orange River in South Africa. Our mothers were roommates at Helderberg College and our fathers worked shoulder to shoulder in the close-knit family of workers in what was then the Southern African Division. So for me the memories roll in and they are truly good. And relishing them now, I vacillate between bursting out laughing -- childhood mates seem to gift one another with that laughter -- and dissolving into a flood of tears. … In this column, along with all the absolutely beautiful things that are justly being said about this man, there is just one more thing that I'd like to add (even if someone has said it and I've missed it): A real man, yes, a revered man of God, certainly, an outstanding pastor, leader and a family man par excellence, absolutely. But in significant addition, I don't know of anyone in my whole life who has been a better friend to me. In thick and in thin, even when it might cost him something, there he was, an A-one, authentic friend, as I know he was to many others. It's no wonder that more than one of us might imagine, as I do, the day when it's all said and done; the Great Day, when the crowds of redeemed are being gathered. Then, by the grace of God for sure, he'll be one of the very first I'll be looking for.” —Will Eva, Retired Minister and Editor, Arizona

“We just learned of your tragic loss and wanted to share our respect and appreciation for Neville and your family while you were members of our church family in Staunton, Va. Cindy, you and Neville were a breath of spiritual fresh air wherever you went. Your warm spirit and ministry of music were always appreciated and we admired your gift of love for others. God Bless you more than you can ask or think! All our best!” —Dave and Monika Yancey, Richard and Wesley, via email

“I met Pastor Harcombe when he came to do a revival at Northeast Adventist Church where I am a member. The news of his passing was a shock to all, and all I thought was Pastor Harcombe was the type of person that it made me think: Lord, please come quickly so we can see him again. He was loved by all and he will be missed.” —Natasha Iheme, via email

“I really felt saddened (almost sickened) to hear of Neville’s death. I really got to know Neville during the Columbia Union Administrators’ Reformation Tour with Don Schneider in May 2008. He was always such a gracious Christian gentleman with such a warm smile. He smiled even with his eyes. He was in attendance at our last Executive Committee meeting in April. I really appreciated his responses to receiving our monthly Tithe and Mission Statements and Financial Statements by email. He always thanked me for keeping him informed and sharing the monthly financials. WOW!!! You never know how special those emails are until they are no longer forthcoming. I am so glad I congratulated him and Cindy on Saturday evening when he was re-elected as executive secretary for Columbia Union Conference. I pray that His family relishes the memories of his life; I will. God bless and comfort you, Love, Zenobia.” —Zenobia Seward, Treasurer, Allegheny West Conference

“I owe so much to Elder Neville Harcombe, and I will never forget him. We met a few times when he would come visit the Theology Department at Washington Adventist University when I was still a student, but we truly bonded in South Africa. As a young pastor, it was truly amazing to see him at work; he had such a way about him. Christ shined through him in a mighty way. While in South Africa we preached the good news of Jesus, lives were changed, decisions were made, and I found a mentor that has forever left an imprint on my life. I feel so honored to have known him as a leader, pastor and friend. I am committed and inspired to continue to share the love of Jesus as I know he would. Elder Harcombe is truly one of a kind. What a great loss for our church; we will miss him forever. Still, we know that our God is in complete control, this is not the end. Jesus has overcome the grave! I can't wait to see him again.”—Pete Garza, Associate Chaplain and Promotions Director, WGTS 91.9 FM

“Our hearts are very saddened by the recent sudden loss of a mighty man of God, as we believe our friend and associate Neville was. We were so surprised to hear of his demise. He was so full of life and love for others. Everyone was important to him and he had a special sense about him that allowed him to say just the right thing at just the right time. It will be impossible for our Columbia Union office to replace this man. He was an irreplaceable cog in the union staff along with Elder Dave and Elder Seth. How sorrowful they must be over the sudden loss of their colleague and friend. Our hearts and prayers go out to Neville's immediate family and to his Columbia Union family for such a tragic loss as this. We are thankful that he at least went peacefully in his sleep and didn't have to suffer as so many others do. It appears God highly favored him, even in death. We look forward to that great reunion in heaven when we will be able to see him and other loved ones again, which we believe to be in the very near future. May God bless us all as we mourn the loss of one of God's greatest warriors. Your saddened, but hopeful, Brother and Sister in Christ, Michael & Peggy Koch, Charleston, West Virginia.” —Peggy Koch, Former Columbia Union Executive Committee Member

“Pastor Harcombe always exhibited the best in a Christian spirit. His greeting was warm and friendly as if the love of Christ was there for all to see. His passing brings me great sadness but I know I will see his smile again! Until then his smile will continue to live on in the memory of those lives he touched so profoundly.” —Fred Kinsey, Speaker/Director, Voice of Prophecy

“A significant contributing factor to the expansion and growth of Washington Adventist University (WAU) is due to Elder Neville Harcombe’s passion for Christian education. He served as the vice chair of the WAU Board of Trustees, and I worked with him more closely as chair of the Board’s Governance Effectiveness Committee. He was a champion for WAU and wore the new WAU lapel pin with pride. He once mentioned that while on air travel he was often mistaken for a U.S. senator because of the lapel pin. The learning community at Washington Adventist University has suddenly lost a supporter and a friend. May the God of peace, love and comfort continue to be with the Harcombe family.” —Weymouth Spence, President, Washington Adventist University

“Neville was my special friend, brother and colleague in the Lord's vineyard. Together we have built many churches in the Trans Orange Conference area (South Africa). His untimely death disturbed our plans for the Lord's work. It’s hard for me to accept the news. I pray for the comforting and blessing to his family and Columbia Union family.” —M. B. Molopa, Pastor, Trans Orange Conference, Johannesburg, South Africa

“In July 2002, Neville preached the memorial service at the Frederick (Md.) church for my husband Dan, and Cindy sang. They made a great team. Our ministry paths have crossed many times over the years since we first worked together in the Potomac Conference in the 1980s. I appreciated the close friendship that Neville and Dan shared and the ministry support they gave each other. I especially appreciated Neville’s sense of humor. I know that the God who sustained my children and myself will sustain Cindy, Denita and Doug. May they each find joy in the fact that they shared life with an unbeatable husband and dad.” —Kathy Goddard, Southern Adventist University

“Neville and I were classmates in the religion program at Southern Missionary College in the early-mid ’60s and sang in a male quartet for a bit one year. Though a tad older, he was an easy friend to make and thus began a lifelong friendship that has been renewed many times during our professional careers. In my current role at the Adventist Theological Seminary (Mich.), Neville and I worked closely for the coordination of field-education of pastors in the Columbia Union. He was a constant positive and effective advocate for pastoral education and a sheer pleasure to work with. When he saw me, he would always give that wide, engaging, face-covering smile and say slowly: “Wally”. Neville always made you feel good just being known by him. Like everyone else, I was stunned to learn of his death and feel his loss keenly. No one will ever replace him in my memory. That’s how it must be with us and God—He can never forget us. What an assurance for all the family during this time of separation!” —Walt Williams, InMinistry Center Director and NAD Associate Ministerial Secretary

“The administration of the Liberia Mission of Seventh-day Adventists and members of the Executive Committee write to express our deepest condolences to the Columbia Union family and the family of the late Elder J. Neville Harcombe, for the great loss you have sustained. We greatly regret and admit that the death of Elder Harcombe is also a serious loss to us at the Liberia Mission. There is no doubt that Elder Harcombe, other administrators and the entire union membership have been of great blessing to the Liberia Mission. We will surely miss him. We wish to encourage you with these few words of hope: “For His anger is but for a moment. His favor is for life; weeping may endure for a night. But joy comes in the morning” (Ps. 30:5). We look forward to seeing Elder Harcombe on that resurrection morning by God’s grace.” —Liberia Mission of Seventh-day Adventists

“Our hearts are sad as we join you in mourning the sudden death of Elder Neville Harcombe. His death is not only an irreparable lost to the Harcombe family and the Columbia Union Conference family, but also the West Africa Union Mission and our institutions here, especially the Seventh-day Adventist Cooper Hospital family. It has been our ardent hope to see Elder Harcombe and the other officers of your union to express our appreciation for the immense contribution you all have made to the development of Cooper Hospital. We do make plans but the full implementation of our plans lies in the hands of the Master planner and implementer, Jesus Christ. On behalf of the Board of Directors and the entire Cooper Hospital staff, we extend to you our sincere condolence and ask that you take solace in the Lord. To Cindy and the Harcombe family, we at this time join the songwriter Civilla D. Martin to say, ‘Be not dismayed whatever betide, God will take care of you all.’ We are sure that on that great getting up morning, when soul and body meet again, we are going to meet our brother, your husband and father, and there will be no more parting. May God heal your wounds of sorrow, grant you strength and comfort your heart as you go through these difficult hours.” —Lucinda C. Carter, Secretary, Seventh-day Adventist Cooper Hospital Board

“I was shocked and saddened to hear of Neville’s passing. He was a great encouragement to me in my ministry. As a pastor under his presidency in the Chesapeake Conference, I always sensed his support and encouragement for all of us. His poise, his humor and his humility are among the many things I remember about him. He will be greatly missed.” —Bonita Joyner Shields, Editor, Sabbath School and Personal Ministries Department, General Conference

“Last Wednesday I came home around noon and Dolores told me that she had received a call that Neville had died that morning in his sleep. I just held her, and we both cried for our friends Neville and Cindy. In June of 1980, our two families arrived the same week in Staunton, Va., to begin work in the Potomac Conference. It was just a few days before camp meeting, and it just seemed natural that the four of us would face new leadership opportunities and challenges together. We did so in a wonderful, close way for the next five years in Potomac, and that friendship has continued to the present. Neville always found balance to life. In those late night hours as we traveled back to Staunton from some distant church, he would tell me of growing up in Africa and being placed as a student at Helderburg College as a "little" boy, of coming to this country to study, of early ministry, of meeting Cindy and of his dreams for Doug and Denita. We would talk about our dreams for the conference and always the ‘work!’ You learn the measure of a person in conversations like that, and Neville will always be one of my spiritual heroes, because of the way that he was able to journey life. Cindy, Doug and Denita, you were the loves of his life, and over the years as we would meet, he would always bring me up-to-date on how you were fulfilling his dreams in every way. We now have another major reason to be ‘anxious’ for the coming of the Lord, so that we can see our friend once again!” —Ron M. Wisbey, Retired President, Columbia Union Conference

“Support and encouragement is what I would remember about Neville. Recently I was doing a presentation, along with my associate, at an executive committee meeting. Such meetings can be tense and uncertain, especially when you are dealing with financial information. At the end of the presentation, Neville stood up and with a commanding voice and a sympathetic heart, appealed to the committee to approve our request. He also followed up with an offer of personal assistance to accomplish our goal of meeting the health needs of our community. Its good to know that there are still people in the world who are gracious and caring enough to offer their verbal support as well as a helping hand. Thanks Neville.” —Brenda Billingy, Senior Pastor, Metropolitan Seventh-day Adventist Church, Hyattsville, Md.

“In the late 1970s and early 1980s, I was an associate pastor at Sligo church in Takoma Park, Md., and worked with J. Neville Harcombe through the Potomac Conference Communication Department. He was a powerfully positive person who encouraged creative ideas. We coordinated the first daily series of radio shows from the grounds of the Potomac Conference Camp Meeting. What great fun! I left the East Coast in 1985 and moved to the Southern California Conference. Recently I was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer and began to post updates on my Facebook Page. Among those who posted consistent and encouraging messages was my old friend, Neville. Often when we move away, distance and time makes old friends forget. Neville did not forget. In fact, the day before he died, he posted a message, rejoicing with me at the news that there are no scannable signs of cancer. Thank you, Neville, for your never-ending friendship and your uplifting words and prayers that helped me in my time of need! My God continue to bless and comfort Cindy and their family and friends.” —Pastor Tim Garrison, via email

“The news of Elder J. Neville Harcombe's sudden death came to me as a great shock! I vividly recall his visit to Valley View University in Ghana a few years back when we had the official opening ceremony of the Columbia Union Hall. We had a pleasant visit with him and all the good people from the union who were present. He impressed me with his openness and friendly attitude. His sudden departure reminds me of the counsel, "Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom (NIV)." May his life, ministry, and friendship constantly encourage us to serve selflessly while we have the opportunity. Please extend our love and best wishes to his family and fellow workers.” —Professor Seth A. Laryea, Former President, Valley View University, Ghana

“On behalf of Ms. Cheryl Oldfield and myself, we would like to extend our deep sorrow on the sudden passing of Pastor Neville. The Anerley Service Centre has many enjoyable memories of his visit here with us. To the family we pray the Lord will sustain you in this time of sorrow.” —Pastor Charles Chalmers, Retired Pastor, Chairman of the Anerly Service Centre Board; and Cheryl Oldfield, Service Centre Manager, Province of Kwazulu Natal, South Africa, via email