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Allegheny West, Ohio Churches Merge for Joint Worship in Akron

Story by Lynn Lee

Akron area pastoral couples, representing the Allegheny West and Ohio conferences, is (left to right) Calvin and Wendy Roberson from Canton New Hope/Akron New Life; Jerry and Brenda Chase of Akron First: and (right) Kenneth and Wendy Washington of Bethel.

Six Seventh-day Adventist churches in the Akron, Ohio, area got together last month for an evening of worship and communion at the Akron Bethel church. Calvin Roberson, pastor of the Bethel church, stated that the communion service was a precedent for Allegheny West and Ohio conference members in the area. “Our plan is to set an example of what Christianity ought to look like,” a collaborative team with a mission for outreach. The congregations included Bethel, Akron First, Barberton, Medina, Canton New Hope and Akron New Life.

“We were able to do these things because through Christ, all things are possible,” said Kenneth J. Washington, Canton pastor. He strongly feels that there is work to be done in evangelism and soul winning. He added, “Adventists have commonality when it comes to doing these things.”

Jerry Chase, Akron First pastor, was the evening speaker. He addressed the importance of a personal relationship with Christ, stating that we should feel as elated about Christ as did about finding our first love. “I remember when I first fell in love with my wife, Brenda. I made her a special breakfast, putting time and energy in making a presentable dish. That’s how everything should be done in our lives with Christ—carefully select our decisions and how we present ourselves to Christ.”

The song “Glory Hallelujah Since I Laid My Burdon Down” echoed in the background as worshipers came to show that they were laying their troubles in the hands of the Lord. According to Bethel ‘first lady’ Wendy Roberson, fellowshipping with individuals of all nationalities is what praising God is all about. “We are showing God how much we love Him when we come together like this,” she commented.

Youth and adults both contributed to the evening of song, music and praise. Jaedon Thornton, a 7-year-old Bethel band member, showed that you are never too young to praise God.