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Three Allegheny East Conference Spanish Churches Unite for Evangelism

Story by Taashi Rowe

Pastor Ramon Escalante prays before baptizing Angel Barraderes. 

For two weeks, members of the Allegheny East Conference’s (AEC) New Hampshire Avenue Spanish group in Takoma Park, Md., the Four Corners Spanish church in Silver Spring, Md.; and the Emmanuel Spanish church in Mount Rainier, Md., were reminded “Si, Tu Puedes.” At this evangelism series the popular refrain that Barack Obama used in his bid for the U.S. presidency now had a more eternal meaning for those seeking God. For them, “Si, Tu Puedes” was an acknowledgement that yes through the help of the Holy Spirit they can know the Bible better, yes they can know God’s will and yes Jesus is coming back.

Ramon Escalante, AEC’s Spanish church coordinator, said this was the first time those churches held a joint evangelism series. Prior to the meetings, members of each church invited people to their homes for small group meetings and then transitioned to the New Hampshire Avenue church for the united meetings. He explained that it was an opportunity for all the separate churches to unite their talents for God. “We focused on having people minister according to their talents whether that was through singing, Bible studies or hospitality. People enjoyed participating and it was a blessing,” Escalante explained.

As a result of the meetings some 27 people joined the churches with another four planning to be baptized in the coming weeks. For Angel Barraderes, who was baptized on the last Sabbath of the meetings, the two-week campaign was a lifesaver. Speaking through a translator, he shares that he was not a Christian before, but now “Christ touched me. I want to know God and I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to follow Christ.”