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Baltimore White-Marsh Member Showcases Her Faith During Student Art Show

Story by Nadia McGill

After months of hard work, recent Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) graduate Dellonese Isaac proudly presented her senior thesis during the 2011 Commencement Exhibition last month on MICA’s campus in Baltimore. She submitted the project as a testament to her faith, and used it as an opportunity to witness and illustrate biblical narratives.

“[At MICA], religion is very taboo,” Isaac says. “I really wanted to share [my faith] in a way that would be accepted, especially with those who may have a negative view of Christianity.”

To accomplish this, Isaac created a six-panel exhibit to communicate the message of well-known biblical prophecies through a modern, contemporary style.

“I [originally] started looking in the chapter of Revelation, because it’s my favorite book in the Bible, and it has such vivid imagery,” Isaac recalls. After completing the first panel of the project, “Apocalyptic Horses,” Isaac experimented with different ideas, continuing with “Bottomless Pit,” a rendition of Revelation 9, and then proceeding with “Daniel’s Dream” of Daniel 7, among others.

She created each panel using a diverse selection of materials, including feathers, images from various media sources and assorted metals. She then used acrylic and oil paints to create a collage. The completed image was scanned into a computer, duplicated to create a kaleidoscope effect and printed onto large, silk panels that were raised above the exhibit hall like floating, stained-glass windows. “It really made a strong impression, because it was the first thing that you saw when you walked into the building,” Isaac notes.

Isaac, a member of Chesapeake Conference’s Baltimore-White Marsh church, received widespread praise for her work, and is looking forward to working more with biblical topics. “There is way more of Revelation that I can correlate to,” she says. “I would like to do more regarding the Creation theme as well.”

Isaac successfully completed her Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts in May, and plans to return to school to earn a Master of Arts in Art Education.