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Shiloh Church Sponsors First Statewide Adventurers Camp

Story by Deborah Whitfield 

Allegheny East Conference’s Shiloh church in Petersburg, Va., recently sponsored their first Virginia Adventurers Camp weekend at Shands Park in Dinwiddie, Va. Shiloh’s Hummingbirds Adventurers Club members have participated in an annual camp weekend at Shands Park for the past three years. However, this year Adventurer clubs from the Calvary church in Newport News, the Ephesus church in Richmond and the Maranatha church in Fredericksburg joined them. George Whitfield, Shiloh church’s Adventurers director, is hoping to expand the event to include even more Virginia Adventurers next year.

During the camp weekend, the Adventurers enjoyed scavenger hunts, paddle boat rides and a wagon ride to see farm animals. Bonita Solomon, Virginia area specialist for the Adventurers, also tested the children on the skills they acquired throughout the year. However, one of the highlights was participating in the Relay for Life Cancer Walkathon at the Petersburg High School. Some of the Adventurers, along with parents and staff, walked laps with many of the cancer survivors and their family members. When they headed back to camp, the Hummingbirds culminated the weekend activities with an induction of four new members: Nannette Tyce, Delphon Gordon, Glenda Mills and Caleb McClathie.

For more information about participating in next year’s camp weekend, contact George Whitfield at

Bonita Solomon, Virginia area specialist for the Adventurers, and George Whitfield, Virginia area assistant specialist for the Adventurers, flank Therman Shand, who along with his siblings, own Shands Park.