Chesapeake Evangelism Rally Packs Atholton Church

By Celeste Ryan Blyden

More than 350 people from 42 churches attended the Chesapeake Conference Evangelism Rally last weekend. Featured speakers were Ron Halvorsen, Sr. and Walter Pearson, Jr. Chesapeake president Rob Vandeman (pictured) closed the meeting with a challenge. “It was a huge success,” reports evangelism director Frank Bondurant, who coordinated the two-day training event. “The presence of the Spirit of God was more than evident. There was an incredible sense of expectation. Everyone felt God’s presence and knew He was about to something. We all felt that we were part of something very special. Everything about the program-the preaching, seminars, music, and attendance-far exceeded my expectations. It was clear to me that this indeed was a God thing.” Read more about this event in the Visitor magazine.