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College Colporteurs Canvass New Jersey, Maryland

Story by Jacqueline E. Rivera
Published 8/10/2011

They are devout fishers of men. As members of ANEW, a network of Seventh-day Adventist students and young professionals who are actively involved in campus ministries on secular universities in the Mid-Atlantic region, these students are not afraid to declare their faith out loud. For several weeks this summer, nine of them worked with Allegheny East Conference churches canvassing in parking lots, at businesses, homes and apartments around Maryland and New Jersey. While in the Fort Washington and Clinton, Md., areas, they worked with the Breath of Life church to help distributing fliers for the church’s “iRead” revival series.

The students also spent some time in Camden, which is one of the poorest and most dangerous cities in the U.S. There they worked with the Mt. Olivet church and were able to gain many Bible study contacts for the church. The students also canvassed for one day in small-town Salem, N.J., where they gathered a great number of Bible studies interests. The students are currently working with the Sharon church to canvass the Baltimore-area. This is their last week canvassing, and they are sure that God will bless their efforts even down to the last minute.

Grace Lee, who recently graduated from the University of North Carolina with her Master’s degree in Social Work, distinctly remembers meeting Mrs. Smith. She shares: “Mrs. Smith’s marriage was falling apart and her husband had just left her and her children the day before. She was lying in bed crying out to God asking Him to send her a sign that He still cared, when she heard the doorbell ring. I was on the other side of the door, with no knowledge of what she was experiencing. Upon opening the door and I began talking with her about the book Peace Above the Storm (Steps to Christ). She immediately invited me into her home and ended up purchasing four books. We were able to talk and pray together.”

“This summer has definitely been helping me learn that God is a loving and personal Savior whose love is so much greater than I can imagine,” Lee said. “So many times I selfishly ask God to answer my prayers, but forget that He also wants to use me to answer the prayers of others.”

ANEW will be hosting a fall conference at Camp Hebron in Halifax, Pa., October 14-16. To learn more about ANEW, visit