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Beacon of Hope Conducts Parking Lot Baptisms

Story by Beth Michaels
Published 8/24/11

Out in the Beacon of Hope’s parking lot, members surround the portable baptismal tank as Pastor Bryant Taylor prepares to baptize Shawanda Don. 

As a witness to the community, Allegheny West Conference’s Beacon of Hope Church in Columbus, Ohio, decided to do something a little unusual: they conducted two baptisms in their parking lot. “We decided to go to where the people were to share the beauty of giving your life to Christ," explains Pastor Bryant Taylor, DMin, who came up with the idea.

While Shawanda Don and Heather Hughes publically dedicated their lives to the Lord in a portable baptismal tank, neighbors watched from their windows or while passing on the sidewalk. “A baptism is always good. It does not matter where you have it,” commented member Sula Whitely. “It was an awesome experience.”