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Union’s Disaster Response Team Assesses Hurricane Damage

Story by Visitor Staff
Published 8/30/11

Hurricane Irene just before hitting the East Coast. 

While residents up and down the East Coast are recovering from the varying impact of Hurricane Irene, the Columbia Union’s Adventist Community Services (ACS) Disaster Response (DR) team is still assessing the damage and responding accordingly. Though Seventh-day Adventist institutions and members appear to have escaped major damage, the union’s disaster response leaders are concerned about how power outages and flooding in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Virginia, to a lesser extent, is impacting their neighbors. So far Pennsylvania team members have a mobile feeding unit in Goshen and are considering storing goods at a central location for assisting survivors. New Jersey’s ACS DR team is getting personal care kits and flood buckets out to survivors.

Minnie McNeil, Allegheny East Conference’s ACS director, said, “The good news is that many areas were not affected as severely as predicted.” However, “I hasten to add that the families of the 23 persons that lost their lives know this to be a monstrous and deadly storm. Therefore, I will not minimize the impact of Hurricane Irene.”

Noting that the team is working only from preliminary reports, Frank Bondurant, Columbia Union Conference’s vice president for Ministries Development, said, “ACS DR is poised and prepared to respond to any requests for help.”

To learn more about Adventist Disaster Response contact these coordinators in your area:

Minnie McNeal - Allegheny East,
Roblert Moore - Allegheny West,
Kitty Juneau - Chesapeake,
Wayne Hancock - Mountain View,
Claudia Ramirez - New Jersey,
Roy Nelson - Ohio,
Bob Mitchell - Potomac,