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Washington Adventist Hospital Nurse Wins National Nursing Recognition

Story by Diana McFadden
Published 9/13/2011

From left to right: Maria Jurlano, director of WAH’s cardiac unit; Neal Gregory, president of the National Capital Area chapter of The Mended Hearts, Inc.; Dr. Piotr Wyrwinski, intensivist; Alena Agatep, RN; Daniel Dollarhide, Mended Hearts Inc.; Amy Dukovcic, coordinator cardiovascular Nurse Practitioner Service; Dr. Randall Wagner, intensivist. 

Alena B. Agatep, RN, BSN, CCRN, a nurse at Washington Adventist Hospital (WAH) in Takoma Park, Md., was one of two nurses chosen to win the national Sydney and Helen Shuman Nurse Recognition Award given through The Mended Hearts, Inc.
Mended Hearts recognizes the dedication and heartfelt support that nurses offer to heart patients during treatment and the recovery process. The Sydney and Helen Shuman Nurse Recognition Award was established to show appreciation to nurses who make a positive difference by their skill, care and presence. Agatep, a nurse on WAH’s Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit, was nominated for the award through Mended Hearts National Capital Area chapter.
“Alena is compassionate, caring and a wonderful communicator, always making sure the patient and family are aware of the plan and involving them in the care,” said Maria Jurlano, director of the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit at Washington Adventist Hospital.
Agatep started as a young nurse in the Philippines and continued nursing when she moved to the United States. Agatep has worked at Washington Adventist Hospital for more than 15 years, and oversees the daily staffing and management of care of open heart patients on the night shift.
“Alena embodies the values and mission of Washington Adventist Hospital, and we are so grateful to have her on our team providing exceptional care to our cardiac patients,” said Joyce Portela, WAH president.
“Everyone from the patients, to their families, to the surgeons recognizes Alena’s great skills as an open heart nurse,” said Neal Gregory, president of the National Capital Area chapter of The Mended Hearts, Inc. “She is zealous in her care of patients, always looking to do what is best, and right, for them.”