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Washington Adventist University Sees Record Enrollment, Student Population Tops 1,400

Story by Andre Weston; Photo by Ralph Vieux
Published 10/4/2011

From left to right, Brian Alexander Scott, a Business Administration major; Valerie Hatton (in blue top), a Psychology major; Jeiel Jim Magpaco, a Physical Education major; and Sarah Guerra, a Nursing major are freshmen at WAU this semester. 

Washington Adventist University (WAU) is celebrating record enrollment numbers with a total of 1,411 students registered for the new academic year. This year’s numbers represent a 9.5 percent increase or 124 more students over last year.

Duane Reid, director of Admissions, says a significant section of overall enrollment comes from freshman and transfer students. “Recruiting students is a campus-wide effort,” he says. “The enrollment team’s diligent efforts, coupled with the support of the entire campus, has resulted in 391 new students here on the campus of Washington Adventist University. There are 180 new freshmen with us this year. This number is 43 percent higher than the 126 freshmen who joined WAU last year. Our transfer population has increased by 36 percent from the previous year with a total of 211 new transfer students.”

William Jackson, vice president for Marketing and Recruiting, expressed appreciation that institutional growth is happening evenly at WAU. “We are very pleased to have had enrollment growth the past three years,” he said. “We are especially pleased to see that growth is occurring in all three of the schools at WAU and not just one area.”

Update: Since publishing this article on October 4, Washington Adventist University has added another 82 students. As of October 11, they now have 1,493 students enrolled.