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Allegheny East Spanish Churches Celebrate Day of Fellowship

Story by Taashi Rowe
Published 10/5/2011

If there is one thing that nearly 800 Spanish-speaking members took away from Allegheny East Conference’s recent day of fellowship, it is the realization that Christ’s coming is drawing ever nearer. “Wake up! Wake Up,” urged Ramon Escalante in a morning evangelism seminar. As the conference’s coordinator for the Spanish Council of Churches, Escalante’s office is responsible for organizing this event that each year draws members from Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania to Cambridge, Md.

Guided by the theme “Reaviviamento, Reforma y Renovacion” (Revival, Reformation and Renewal), which incorporates the worldwide Seventh-day Adventist Church’s theme of  “Revival and Reformation,” the entire day was not just an opportunity to fellowship but an opportunity to learn. 

“Jesus is coming,” Escalante stressed. “What are you doing for Him? A lot of our folks are working but we need a greater revival. We want to put 100 percent of our brothers to work for the Lord. This is a great opportunity and privilege for service.”

Keynote speaker Matias Solis, a pastor from Puerto Rico, continued on the same theme of Christ’s second coming.  He noted that while evil forces are working even harder to fell God’s people, heaven’s activities on behalf of God’s people have increased to combat those efforts. “God’s covenant with us is more meaningful than ever and He will help us to fulfill our assignment,” Solis said.

The day of fellowship continued with 14 baptisms, more leadership seminars, a season of prayer and anointing and a recognition service for outstanding lay leaders. Attendees have agreed that they will plant 10 new congregations over the next year and many will attend the conference’s new School of Theology for Disciples, which offers training on how best to reach people for Christ.