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North New Jersey Churches Celebrate Unity

Story by LaFayette Trawick
Published 10/20/2011

Under the theme “The Sum Is Greater Than Its Parts,” 29 Allegheny East Conference congregations of the Northern New Jersey Area (NNJ) held their Unity Day in Tranquility, N.J. The major purpose of the Unity Day was to bring the NNJ area churches together for a day of fellowship, worship and fun. The day was planned under the leadership of the NNJ Ministerium and executed by the laity of various churches.

The day started with an early worship session where Paula Olivier, pastor of the Montclair church delivered a message on church unity. This was followed by a full day of indoor and outdoor games and tournaments, including basketball, table tennis, volleyball, dominos, a waterslide for the children and a multicultural cuisine menu. Community partners such as the New Jersey Blood Bank and Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield hosted cholesterol, diabetes and HIV screenings and a blood drive.

“We are finishing too early,” is what many of the participants told Richard Campbell, director of Unity Day and pastor of the Community church in Teaneck.

“Seeing how our churches were able to come together to plan, worship and fellowship for Unity Day, one can’t help but to think of how much more successful our united efforts would be in our community initiatives, outreach efforts and urban ministries,” shared Devon Brooks, a member of the Church of the Oranges as well as Unity Day commission chair. “This should serve as a reminder and a model to encourage and promote congregational partnerships and unity all year long. This is what heaven will be like!”