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Mountain View Members Fellowship by Phone, See Answers to Prayer

Story by Kathy Pepper; Photos by Monica Zill
Published 11/1/11

Betty Gerath regularly calls the prayer line, which she finds a blessing.

It’s 7 o’clock on a Monday morning. Most people are busy getting ready for work or school. Some have already left their homes for the day. Some are still asleep. In the Mountain View Conference, people are picking up their phones and dialing into a teleconference prayer line. For an hour each Monday morning, administrators, pastors, prayer coordinators and lay people from across the conference call this line and pray together.

The hour begins with a short devotional. Then participants get right to praising God for what He has done in their lives in the past week. After that they share their prayer requests with one another and with God. Many report seeing results from this shared prayer experience. Here are just a few examples:

In January those on the prayer line began praying for meetings scheduled for March in Charleston, W.Va. As a result of the meetings, 20 people were baptized. Pastor Stewart Pepper, who conducted the meetings, said, “I’ve never seen anything like it. It was amazing.” He gave the credit to God and the workings of the prayer line.

One lady asked for prayer for her husband, who, in the more than 30 years since she has been baptized, never attended Sabbath services with her. People on the prayer line faithfully prayed for this man, and in May, after attending a series of meetings, he joined his wife on Sabbath morning and has been there every Sabbath since!

Dale Tunnell, conference evangelist, called in saying he couldn’t wait to make the call that morning because the previous Wednesday his son and grandson had been in a bad accident and the first thing the evangelist thought of was: I need to let the people on the prayer line know so they can be praying. Since that week, the group has been praying for his son and the whole family.

Still another Monday morning John Ott, who pastors the Romney/Franklin/Moorefield district, couldn’t wait to get on the line.  A week earlier he had asked the line to pray for Jeff Kuykendall whom he had been working with for quite a while.  Jeff just could not seem to make the decision to keep the Sabbath even though he knew it was the right thing to do.  During the week that followed, that man made his decision and told the pastor he was ready to be baptized.  People on the prayer line praised the Lord!

Participants have even prayed for the prayer line itself! Each week anywhere from five or six to 14 people were on the line. Never had there been 15. The group decided to pray for 15 (or more) people to be on the line. It took a few Mondays of prayer, but God heard the plea, and one Monday morning, 21 people got on the line. The whole group was ecstatic and said, “Praise the Lord!”

Peggy Criddle (left) says, “I love the praise time. God says, ‘O give thanks unto the Lord,’ and giving thanks to the Lord is very uplifting.”

Betty Gerath (above), is a regular caller and says, “It’s such a blessing to be able to get together with brothers and sisters around the conference and share with one another.”

To join the prayer line on Mondays at 7 a.m., call (712) 432-0232 and use access code 891437.

John Ott, who pastors the Romney/Franklin/Moorefield district, found that prayer helped one of his Bible study students make a final decision for baptism. 

Peggy Criddle says, “I love the praise time. … Giving thanks to the Lord is very uplifting.”