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Potomac, Allegheny East Teams Receive Communication Honors

Story by Tamara Fisher and Visitor Staff
Published 11/2/11

Potomac Conference’s Paolo Esposito, communication intern; Adrienne Suarez, graphic designer; and Dan Jensen, Communication director; won “Best in Class” for the conference’s website. Photo by Frank Cox 

Several communication professionals from the Columbia Union Conference took home awards from the recent Society of Adventist Communicators convention held in Lombard, Ill. Potomac Conference’s Communication Department won “Best in Class” for the Corporate Communication Website category. The team includes Dan Jensen, Communication director; Adrienne Suarez, graphic designer and Paolo Esposito, communication intern.

“It was extremely rewarding to receive this honor, considering how much time and effort went into this project,” Jensen shared. “I can’t say enough about the work Paolo Esposito and Adrienne Suarez have put into the website.  Their creativity and passion for excellence are clearly seen throughout the site, and I’m extremely grateful for the talents they have brought to the team.”

Jensen and Suarez also received “Honorable Mention” in the Annual Report category for Telling His Story. For her work on the book What Maps Do You Use? Suarez was named Best in Class in the Book Design category.

Congratulations are also in order for the Allegheny East Conference. The team received “Honorable Mention” for its camp meeting broadcast AEC Today in the Video Story/Project category. The team included Robert Booker, Communication director and executive producer; Charles Williams, executive producer; George Johnson Jr., host, producer and director; Lauren Davis, host and producer; Evan Williams, director, editor and camera; Bryce Williams, graphics and editor; and Joshua Martin, graphics and editor.

The Society of Adventist Communicators is an organization for the socialization, continuing education, recognition and nurture of Seventh-day Adventists whose careers are in fields of communication. This year they gave out 37 awards. Click here to see a complete list.

Community Press Recognizes Suarez’s Work

In other news, Suarez received recognition earlier this year from Mid-Valley Press’ 5th Annual MVP Design Awards in Staunton, Va.  Over 100 entries were nominated for 16 categories, from Best Cover and Best Brochure to Programs and Posters. Her booklet for the conference’s 2010 Pastor/Teacher Convention was awarded first prize in the “Program” category.

Robert Booker, Allegheny East Conference’s Communication director