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Lynchburg Church Jumpstarts Health Ministry

Story by Lynchburg Church Members
Published 11/17/11

Last Sunday some 30 people attended the Lynchburg (Va.) church’s healthy cooking class. 

A special program held this past weekend signaled the official start of a new ministry at Potomac Conference’s Lynchburg (Va.) church—a Health Ministries outreach. For some time now, the Holy Spirit had been speaking to a number of church members about the need to share the health message with the church family and community. Heeding the Holy Spirit’s prodding, church members like Deirdre Fredericks, Lee Berti and Mike Little organized two days of health talks and cooking demonstrations at the church to jumpstart this ministry.

The team invited Calvin and Erika Buck, members of the Allegheny West Conference’s Smyrna church also in Lynchburg, to serve as guest speakers over the two days. Both received training from the Wildwood College of Evangelism in Georgia.

During the worship service, Calvin introduced the NEWSTART program by sharing how God taught these principles to the children of Israel as He delivered them from slavery in Egypt into the promised land. On Sabbath afternoon, he spoke about cholesterol and heart disease in a simple, straightforward manner so participants could not only could easily apply this information to themselves, but also share with others. On Sunday the Bucks led a healthy cooking demonstration.

“As a church, we ask for prayer that the Holy Spirit will continue to be our guide as we move forward in taking God's health message, as well as the three angels messages’, to the people of Lynchburg and the surrounding counties,” Little says.

The church’s Health Ministries team is already planning classes on diabetes, how to stop smoking and healthy cooking.

Buck, guest speaker for the weekend, shares health literature. 

Guest speaker Erika Buck leads a healthy cooking demonstration.