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2007 News Archives

December 10, 2007--Shady Grove Adventist Hospital Opens New Tower

November 28, 2007--Members of Five Conferences Unite to Build Everett Church

November 26, 2007--Miracle Temple Pathfinders Collaborate With Inmate Congregation to Feed

November 19, 2007--Spence Accepts CUC Presidency

November 15, 2007--Columbia Union Commemorates Centennial

November 14, 2007--Washington Adventist Hospital Celebrates a Century

November 14, 2007--Shiloh Member Accepts Brother's Congressional Medal of Honor

November 12, 2007--Union Committees Dialogue About Their College, Make Recommendations

November 5, 2007--New Jersey Laity Set Priorities at Fall Festival

October 31, 2007--Glen Burnie Community Supports Church's 11th Run/Walk

October 31, 2007--D.C. Sniper's Ex-Wife Helps Launch Seabrook Domestic Abuse Ministry

October 29, 2007--5,000 Attend Caravan of Hope Crusade

October 24, 2007--City Council Honors Potomac Member

October 16, 2007--Columbia Union College Impacts Their Community

October 15, 2007--City Officials Participate in Baltimore Junior Academy Reading Day

October 9, 2007--Ohio Hosts 3rd Innovation Conference

October 2, 2007--Breath of Life Member Assigned to Governor's Advisory Board

October 1, 2007--Mountain View Church Evangelizes in City Park

September 25, 2007--Philadelphia Mayor Meets With Executive Committee

September 24, 2007--Cortes Elected President of New Jersey Conference

September 24, 2007--CUC Board Rescinds License Sale

September 19, 2007--Allegheny East and Potomac Host Prison Ministries Convocation

September 17, 2007--Potomac Conference Appoints New Vice President

August 30, 2007--ACS Volunteers Train for Disaster Response

August 22, 2007--Annual ASI Convention Raises $1.6 Million

August 22, 2007--NAD Hosts First Adventist Urban Congress

August 15, 2007--1,200 Attend "Friends in Christ" Camporee

August 14, 2007--Ephesus Youth Minister to New Orleans

August 1, 2007--Nearly 70 Attend 29th Annual Fitness Camp

July 31, 2007--Stillwater Church Leads Workcamp in Ohio

July 16, 2007--Columbia Union Campmeetings--Allegheny East

July 11, 2007--Columbia Union College Names Interim President

July 10, 2007--Kettering College Names New Dean for Enrollment Management

June 26, 2007--Columbia Union Campmeeting: Pennsylvania

June 26, 2007--Columbia Union Campmeeting--Allegheny West

June 26, 2007--Columbia Union Campmeeting--Potomac

June 21, 2007--Shady Grove Hospital Names New President

June 20, 2007--Columbia Union Campmeeting: Chesapeake

June 20, 2007--Columbia Union Campmeetings: Mountain View

June 19, 2007--Columbia Union Camp Meetings: Ohio

June 13, 2007--Adventist HealthCare CEO to Chair Governor's Workforce Investment Board

May 30, 2007--Kettering College Dean Returns to Alma Mater

May 29, 2007--Blue Ridge Bells Perform at Jamestown

May 16, 2007--North Philadelphia Church Hosts First Cotillion

May 14, 2007--Takoma Park Adventists Thanked for Service

May 7, 2006--AHC President Receives "Fresh Air" Award

May 3, 2007--Executive Committee Elects New Vice President

April 25, 2007--250 Baltimore Youth Participate in National Youth Service Day

April 23, 2007--Chesapeake Members Affirm Leadership

May 22, 2007--Conference Promotes Healthy Marriages

April 19, 2007--Adventists at VT Gather for Prayer

April 12, 2007--NJ Satellite Evangelism Yields 200

April 6, 2007--Pennsylvania Hispanic Lay Festival Draws 300

March 19, 2007--Spring Executive Committee Meetings

March 12, 2007--Wisbey to Leave CUC

March 7, 2007--WAH Event Highlights The Power of Prayer

March 5, 2007--Chesapeake Evangelism Rally Packs Atholton Church

February 27, 2007--Pastors Baptize 419 New Believers in India

February 22, 2007--1,200 Baptisms and Counting: Hispanics Gather for Lay Evangelism Festiv

February 15, 2007--Mid-Atlantic Adventists Celebrate Centennial