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New Jersey Conference Celebrates Bookstore Reopening

Story by Jim Greene
Published 12/7/2011

Mark Thomas, president of the Review and Herald Publishing Association; Rob Vandeman, executive secretary of the Columbia Union; and José H. Cortés, president of New Jersey Conference cut the ribbon for the grand opening of the new Revive bookstore.

The New Jersey Conference (NJC) recently celebrated the grand opening of the new Revive bookstore located at the conference office in Lawrenceville. After being closed for the past 18 months, the conference partnered with the Review and Herald Publishing Association (R&H) in Hagerstown, Md., to reopen the bookstore. The R&H is operating the bookstore under their Home Health Education Service (HHES) division and will incorporate the traditional bookstore operations with their HHES Literature Evangelist program in New Jersey.

During the grand opening and dedication service conducted just prior to the opening of the doors, José H. Cortés, NJC president; Mark Thomas, R&H president; Doug Sayles, R&H director of sales; Luis Biazotto, HHES director; Haylin Lopes, NJC publishing director; and Cleber Machado, Revive bookstore manager, made special remarks. Rob Vandeman, executive secretary of the Columbia Union gave the Prayer of Dedication for the new bookstore.

“This is not the inauguration of a store,” Cortés said.  “This is the birth of a ministry in New Jersey ready to revive [and] to serve the community and to service the church.”

During his remarks, Machado said, “We are here to serve your needs, and if there is something you want that we do not have in stock, please let me know and we will order it for you.”

More than 300 people were present for the event and many favorable comments were heard from the customers. “I am glad they have the bookstore open again. It is very nice and I like the layout,” said Gwen Simon, a retired employee from the conference’s former Adventist book and health food store.

The Revive bookstore hours are:
Sunday: 10 a.m.–4 p.m.
Monday–Thursday: 10 a.m.–8 p.m.
Friday: 10 a.m.–1 p.m.