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Ohio Members Offer 40 Mornings of Intercessory Prayer

Story by Visitor Staff
Published 12/8/11

Pastor Oswaldo Magaña, Ohio Conference’s Hispanic Ministries coordinator and Ministerial secretary, says the 40-day prayer program prepared participants for the current 180-day prayer program. 

What happens when 170 Spanish-speaking members across the Ohio Conference commit to spending one hour with Christ first thing every morning, for 40 mornings? The experience becomes a wonderful blessing for the entire conference, says Pastor Oswaldo Magaña, the conference’s Hispanic Ministries coordinator and Ministerial secretary.

Participants in this 40 Days of Prayer underwent an eight-hour training course then went on to daily read and meditate on Bible promises, favorite passages of Scripture, other devotional material and then pray for 10 people inside and outside of the church. Members also informed their friends that they were interceding on their behalf.

After 40 days in the program, participants came together for a special Sabbath service to which they invited those on their prayer list. “We have heard many, many wonderful experiences of the way that the Lord has been working in the lives of the people that our members have been praying for,” Magaña says.

William Rodriguez, who pastors five churches in northern Ohio, concurs. “Besides the testimonies of the participants who share how God had blessed their lives through this program, one of the friends for whom many were praying decide to get baptized in December,” he says. “And a young couple has made the decision to get married in the spring and then get baptized.” He adds that after three members at the Lorain church completed the plan, nine members and friends decided to begin the plan also. 

Participants in this program, which originated in Central America, are now continuing with the second part of the program, which involves an additional 180 days of morning prayer.

“This is just the beginning,” Magaña says. “This was to show members a new way of living in Christ. Each member learned that the first thing they should do every morning, before they begin any other activity, is to spend an hour with the Lord.”

Pastor William Rodriguez says members in all five of his churches in Northern Ohio are getting excited about prayer.