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Waldorf Church Breaks Ground on Long-Held Dream

Story by Taashi Rowe; Photos by Norman King
Published 12/13/2011

Kleyton Feitosa, Chesapeake Conference executive secretary and John Appel, Chesapeake Conference Ministerial secretary flank Volodymyr Grinchenko, Waldorf church senior pastor. 

Last Sunday eight shovels broke ground signifying forward movement on a long-cherished dream for members of the Waldorf (Md.) church. Located at 11245 Berry Road, this church was the fastest growing congregation in all of the Chesapeake Conference for 2010. Though this bustling, warm and diverse community continues to grow, the current sanctuary only seats 100. The membership is made up of mostly young families with children, some 100 of whom belong to the church’s Pathfinder Club, Adventurers Club, Children and Youth ministries programs. To accommodate all comfortably, church leaders added a second worship service. But that may not even be enough. Now they are considering adding a third worship service. The December 4 groundbreaking was the beginning of a four-phase plan to expand seating capacity.

The first phase involves building a new sanctuary, which will seat 400. They anticipate moving in by next fall. Even then senior pastor Volodymyr Grinchenko anticipates there will still be need for at least two worship services. The next phase involves a commercial kitchen, community center and gym with space to house the homeless on cold winter nights. The third and fourth phases of the project will involve adding two wings of classrooms. The goal is to provide a Seventh-day Adventist elementary and middle school in southern Maryland—something that is now nonexistent. Grinchenko has pastored the Waldorf church since 2009 and notes that parents who live in Charles County and want their kids to attend Adventist schools often drive long distances to schools in northern or central Maryland or even to Washington, D.C. The price tag for fulfilling this dream? $4.8 million.

A young, energetic pastor from the Ukraine, Grinchenko is wholly excited about this project. “Many pastors and ministers before me contributed to this project,” he said. “There is a whole bunch of people involved now in making this dream come true.” 

Grinchenko admits that this “project is quite big. It’s more than our church can afford to do, but we decided to dream big and do something only God can do.” A capital campaign is in full swing, and Grinchenko is soliciting your prayers and support. For more on the project, visit

Ron Litten, the architect; Bill Murray, project manager; Roland Plater, the chairman of the building committee; Kleyton Feitosa, Chesapeake Conference executive secretary; Volodymyr Grinchenko, Waldorf church senior pastor; John Appel, Chesapeake Conference Ministerial secretary; Randy Dresser, Waldorf church head elder; and Justin Reid, Waldorf church stewardship director, ready for the groundbreaking.