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Home Secured for Pennsylvania Youth Outreach Ministry

Story by Tamyra Horst
Published 1/4/12

After a hard days work remodeling the 68th Avenue house, members of the REACH Philadelphia team stand happily in front of the house. Chestnut Hill Pastor Tara VinCross is pictured as the last person on the right.

Pennsylvania Conference mission interns recently moved into their new home on 68th Street in Philadelphia and hosted a group of young people for an afternoon of praise and testimony. This 68th Street home is designed to be a place of joy, hope, prayers and praises—a place where young people will grow in relationship with Christ through the Chestnut Hill church’s REACH Philadelphia ministry.
REACH stands for the five core values of the REACH church and internship: Restoration, Empowerment, Action, Community and Hope. REACH is focused on raising up a new, Seventh-day Adventist congregation in Philadelphia, as well as raising up a new generation of leaders in the Adventist Church who are actively involved in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ and His soon return.
This home, which Jennifer Schwirzer’s nonprofit corporation purchased, along with another apartment in Philadelphia that Jesse Spencer donated, will be home for the interns serving Philadelphia and reaching young professionals and young people on the more than 90 colleges and university campuses in Philadelphia. It will also provide a meeting place for the ministry.
Members of the Pennsylvania Youth Challenge team, students at Huntingdon Valley Christian Academy and other volunteers put in many hours repairing and renovating the home for use. But the house still needs much work! Skilled and unskilled labor is needed to replace windows, power wash the basement floor, scrape and paint, clean, tile and garden. Anyone interested in helping with the renovations or wanting more information on the REACH ministry, can contact Schwirzer at (215) 233-1286,, or visit

Delon Lawrence, one of the REACH Philadelphia Ministry interns, stands in front of the Taylor Street House.  

Jennifer Schwirzer, a Chestnut Hill member, embraces a REACH Philadelphia Ministry intern.