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Potomac, ASI Member Shines for Christ

Story by Visitor Staff
Published 1/18/2012

Daniel Reed, owner of the Nova HomeWorks flooring company in Ashburn, Va., his wife, Lezlie, children Joshua and Kyleigh take every opportunity to share Christ.

One might not immediately think that installing carpets, wood floors and tiles can serve as a testimony to Christ, but Daniel Reed, a member of Potomac Conference’s Vienna (Va.) church and a member of the Columbia Union chapter of Adventist-laymen’s Services and Industries (ASI) knows better. As the owner of Nova HomeWorks, an Ashburn, Va.-based flooring company, he founded the business with the plan of reaching others for Christ. And through his work, he has found many opportunities to shine for Christ.

“Many of our customers wonder why we need to finish up early on Friday and why we don’t work on Saturdays,” he says. “These questions allow us to share much about our Sabbath and our faith.  While many may not yet be ready to come to church, we get to talking about spiritual things and we have had the opportunity to pray with some of them over difficulties they may be having.”

One of Reed’s most memorable witnessing opportunities came in the past year when his company received a call about an 11-year-old girl diagnosed with cancer.  Neighbors wanted to help the parents improve their home so their daughter would be comfortable when she returned from the hospital. 

They contacted Nova HomeWorks to see they could help with the installation of the carpet and the donation of some material. “By God’s grace we were able to donate the padding and all the labor for the install, but noticed that they needed more help,” Reed said. “I came back to the office, prayed and then emailed some of my business friends. By the next day, we had raised over $1,200 to pay for painting and a new dishwasher.”

Reed points not to himself nor to his generous business friends for their role in improving a sick child’s life. “We just kept praising the Lord,” he said. “By the end of this  ‘mission trip,’ not only was my family and my office praising God, but many of the neighbors and those that had helped were giving God the glory for this wonderfully God-inspired humanitarian deed.”

Reed is just one of many ASI members who will share how through the power of the Holy Spirit they bring Christ into their workplace at the union’s upcoming ASI convention. The convention will be held Thursday through Sunday, March 8-11 at the Vienna (Va.) church. Click here for more information about the convention.