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Virginia Korean Church’s English Group Grows Through Ministry

Story by Visitor Staff
Published 2/13/12

This diverse small group has grown from three families to now 16-18 regular attendees. 

Just two years after having their first English divine service, Allegheny East Conference's Virginia Korean church in Manassas, Va., has a vibrant, growing English small group.

When “we launched an English divine service in the beginning of 2010, we were hoping to build an infrastructure for a multicultural and multi-ethnic ministry for the people in our community,” shares Justin Yang, the church’s English Pastor. “And sure enough, some of the people who have moved to the local community began to check in on Sabbath to attend our English divine service. Soon we had multicultural families joining our worship and we felt the need to start a English small group.”

They started the group last year with three families. Since then it has grown to seven families with some 16 to 18 members total. The multi-cultural group, which includes an African-American, Hungarian and Jamaican, is a welcoming place. One member even brought friends from his running group to the monthly meeting and now they are studying the Bible.

“We have created an atmosphere where we freely share our current struggles and our prayer requests as well,” Yang shares. “All group members pitch in to support and encourage one another.” 

That welcoming atmosphere also extends beyond the group. Many English group members also participate in other church ministries such as Pathfinders and teaching Sabbath School. Yang says this group is at the core of the church’s English Ministries outreach. Last year with the help of the English small group members the Virginia Korean church has sent more than 3,000 shoes to Uganda, launched a Pathfinder program and funded and ran several food drives. 

“I praise God for His providence in bringing this group together and empowering us to launch ministries together that served as a catalyst for growth and transformation,” Yang says. Last year “all of us were going through some really difficult moments in our lives, but regardless, we kept on gathering together to mutually serve, support and encourage one another and most of all minister together.”

The group meets once a month to have dinner and watch a Bible teaching series. After watching the video, group members discuss they have learned and share how God has been working in their lives.

The Virginia Korean church’s English small group meets monthly for dinner, learning and sharing.