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300 Attend Pennsylvania Conference’s Hispanic Lay Festival

Story by Daisy Lopez
Published 3/20/2012

Sixty-six graduated from the Pennsylvania Conference’s School of Discipleship.

“Sixty-six people from 12 churches graduated from the Escuela de Teología Para Discípulos (School of Discipleship) at a special service during the Festival de Evangelismo Hispano  (Hispanic Evangelism Festival) in Harrisburg. The Pennsylvania Conference in conjunction with Andrews University (Mich.) sponsored the eight-month course, with classes one Sunday a month, reading and homework assignments, plus hands-on projects. This year’s emphasis was on serving as a pastoral administrative assistant with graduates receiving a Church Leadership Professional Certificate.

Graduate Nicholas Martinez, a member of the Allentown Hispanic church, has attended all four years of the program and is putting what he has learned to use as he leads a team planting a church in northern Bethlehem. Juana Rosa from the Philadelphia Hispanic II church didn’t think she would be able to complete the course—but she did, getting up each morning at 5 a.m. to complete her reading assignments. Rosa serves as the Personal Ministries director for the South Philadelphia Hispanic company, assisting Pastor Gabriel Montalvo in reaching out to their community. Rosa and Montalvo recently knocked on doors of a dozen Bible study interests and took them bags of groceries on New Year’s Eve. All are beginning Bible studies with several already attending church.

Pastor Alejandro Bullón challenged the almost 300 people attending the weekend festival to see their communities as opportunities for sharing Christ and the gospel. Pastor Juan López and the Hispanic pastors of the Pennsylvania Conference organize this annual event.