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Gary Gibbs Joins Chesapeake Conference Ministries Staff

Story by Samantha Young
Published 3/26/12

Gary Gibbs brings depth of experience in ministry to his new role as Ministries Development director for the Chesapeake Conference. Chesapeake is ripe for growth, and conference administration is focusing on member training for outreach, traditional and creative approaches to local church evangelism and reclaiming those who have taken a break from church.

In joining the staff, Gibbs will provide leadership to some of the goals set by the conference for the next five years. “We’re very pleased to have Gary Gibbs joining us here in Chesapeake,” says Rick Remmers, conference president. “His rich breadth of experience in various outreach methods will be a significant help in advancing the work of God in our field.”

There is need for strong in-reach with the gospel into urban areas, particularly in the greater Baltimore corridor. “Gary’s forte is training people so they can be engaged in reaching out to others. This will add great effectiveness to our ministry development efforts,” adds Remmers.

Gibbs’ experience well-qualifies him to lead these emphases in Chesapeake churches. He comes most recently from the Hope Channel, the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s official television network, where he was associate director. He hosts the Bible Talk radio program and is the author of several books, including Winsome Witnessing and Prophecies of Hope. In his ministry, he has served as a pastor, evangelist and church growth consultant, and is the founder of Amazing Facts’ College of Evangelism.

Gibbs is no stranger to Chesapeake, where he started his ministry. He and his wife, Sherilyn, got married in the Frederick (Md.) church. The couple has two daughters, Carissa and Christina.