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Guide Magazine Columnist Reviews "The Hunger Games" Movie

Story by Kim Peckham, Review and Herald Pub. Assn.
Published on 3/26/2012

Guide magazine has released a statement about last weekend’s teen blockbuster, The Hunger Games, to give their readers an idea of how to respond to the countless conversations about the movie happening in their schools.

The review, written by columnist Melanie Bockmann, outlines the positive and negative themes in the motion picture. “I did not choose to write about The Hunger Games because I thought it would be great for Guide readers to know about it;” explains Bockmann. “I wrote about it because it has swept the scene so powerfully. Rather than ignore it, I decided to enter the conversation and address it with information that will help you make good decisions about whether or not to read the books or watch the movie. “

The Hunger Games set an all-time box office record for a non-sequel movie by generating $155 million in the first weekend.

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