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Columbia Union Clubs Participate in Pathfinder Bible Experience

Story by Beth Michaels; Photos by Josue Sanchez
Published 4/2/2012

On Sabbath, March 17, an unprecedented 12 teams representing eight Pathfinder clubs from the Allegheny East, Chesapeake, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Potomac conferences participated in the Columbia Union Pathfinder Bible Experience. Chesapeake Conference hosted this year’s event held at the Hagerstown (Md.) church.

The Pathfinders were asked 90 questions to test their knowledge of the books of Mark and I Samuel. The scoring is based on the club with the highest score. All clubs that come within 90 percent of that score are given a first place and are eligible to compete in the division level being held at the General Conference Sabbath, April 21.

Participating clubs were Allegheny East’s Liberty Light Bearers; Chesapeake’s Atholton Faith Blazers, Frederick Firefoxes, Hagerstown Explorers and Triadelphia Sparks; Ohio’s Hungarian Heroes; Pennsylvania’s Wyoming Valley Falcons; and Potomac’s Beltsville Broncos. Of the 12 teams, seven were awarded first place: the Beltsville Broncos–Blue Team, Beltsville Broncos–Green Team, Frederick Firefoxes–Team 1, Hagerstown Explorers–Team 1, Hungarian Heroes, Liberty Light Bearers and Triadelphia Sparks–Team 1.

“It was a phenomenal day!” exclaimed Pam Scheib, Pennsylvania Conference Pathfinder coordinator and Pathfinder Experience coordinator for the Columbia Union. She says the sermon by Christopher Holland, Hagerstown pastor, was especially uplifting and so well related to the topics the kids had been studying. She added, “He told the kids, ‘Don’t be afraid to tell the truth no matter what.’”