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Kettering College will host its eleventh annual Spring into Health 5K run/walk on Sunday, April 7, starting at 2 p.m. at Kettering College (3737 Southern Blvd). The annual event is a fundraiser for Dayton’s Good Neighbor House (75%) and for the college’s Physician Assistant Student Professional Development Fund (25%). This event has generated $59,067.49 in donations to the Good Neighbor House since its beginning.

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Want to learn more of the history (than we share in the March 2019 issue) surrounding the Lucy Byard incident? See more historical photos and letters sent between the Washington Sanitarium and the Seventh-day Adventist Church executives regarding Byard’s incident.

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Historia de V. Michelle Bernard

Después de servir 10 años como Directora Asociada de Educación y Cuidado de la Primera Infancia (ECEC) en la Oficina de Educación de la Unión de Columbia, y siete años como Superintendente Asociada de Escuelas en la Conferencia de Potomac, Evelyn Sullivan está dejando su puesto en la Unión. El 1 de marzo comenzó su nuevo rol como directora de Educación de la Primera Infancia en la División Norteamericana. 

Lucy Byard

Image of Lucy Byard by Xavier Barera VargasStory by Benjamin Baker /Illustration by Xavier Cabrera Vargas

Lucy Byard is one of the most pivotal figures in the history of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Yet many have never heard of her, or have just heard her name in passing as the casualty of a tragic event somewhere in the safely distant past.The details surrounding her death have become so muddled and murky that even otherwise trustworthy historians have repeated major inaccuracies about it.

Byard and the narrative surrounding her last days have been cloaked in mystery and misinformation for much too long. Here is what really happened.


The Pisgah Scorpians from the Bryan's Road church in Maryland participate in the Allegheny East Conference Pathfinder Bible Experience

This winter Pathfinders from participating clubs around the Columbia Union Conference studied and memorized the Book of Luke for the Pathfinder Bible Experience (PBE). Teams participated in local, then conference events to test their knowledge.

After the Ohio Conference and Mountain View Conference PBE March 2, the next event will be the union level event on March 16.

Below is a list of the teams that have advanced to the union event: