Story by Anna Bartlett

Max Forbes-Goulding, a teacher at the New Jersey Conference's Waldwick Seventh-day Adventist School, recently wrote I Love Tomatoes, a fictional story about 12-year-old Anna and her family of undocumented workers, the challenges they face and the choices she must make.

Forbes-Goulding was born in London, England to immigrant parents from Jamaica, but shortly thereafter her parents returned their family to Jamaica where she lived until she completed her education and began teaching. She spent a year teaching English in Mexico, and then immigrated to the United States when she married her husband, also the child of immigrant parents from Jamaica, and a U.S. citizen.

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Story by V. Michelle Bernard

My Home, a recent album of original music and hymns arranged in a Bossa Nova style, is the result of three years of work by Felipe Paccagnella, a member of Potomac Conference’s Washington Brazilian church in Takoma Park, Md.

To find out more about his inspiration behind the album, we interviewed him:

VisitorHow long have you been involved in music, and specifically writing and arranging?

Helen Keller, circa 1987

Story by Patricia Maxwell

This year Christian Record Services, Inc., (CRS) celebrates 120 years of ministry to the blind. “With the Lord’s guidance, it is the members, donors, volunteers and employees who have made Christian Record impactful all of these years,” says Diane Thurber, president. “To all of you, we say a hearty ‘thank you.’ And we invite those who are just now learning about who we are and what we do to join our community.”

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Editorial by Jeremy Garlock

It is often said that the youth are the future of our church. I respectfully, yet passionately, disagree. I believe that the youth are the passion and energy of our church right now. A quick look at history will show us that God has always been passionate about youth.

The clear majority of Jesus’ 12 disciples would have fallen into our youth or young adult categories.

During the Dark Ages and the Reformation, youth and young adults did much to preserve the work.

Children re-enact one of several events from the book of Exodus during the recent Hispanic Ministries Children’s Festival.

Story by Heidi Shoemaker

Pyramids on white sands, hieroglyphics, a mummy and drawings of Pharaoh on the walls transported our imaginations to Ancient Egypt,” shares Wanda Lugo, director of the second annual Hispanic Ministries Children’s Festival (Festival Infantil) in the Ohio Conference.

More than 100 attendees receive helpful resources and giveaways at AEC’s first Church Ministries Fair.

Story by LaTasha Hewitt

This summer AEC’s Drum Corps (AECDC) participated in the Pottstown, Pa., July 4th parade for the third time. They are the first Seventh-day Adventist group to ever march in the Pottstown parade, a tradition they hope to keep.

“This parade is special to us because the community is so kind to us and they embrace us with open arms. We take pride in participating alongside organizations such as the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. They look for us each year, and we look forward to participating,” says Andrea Elliott, AEC Drum Corps coordinator.

Editorial by Jacqueline Messenger

We are blessed to have a dedicated team of principals across the Columbia Union Conference, and they deserve our gratitude for their commitment and sacrifice.

Serving as a school principal is a tough job. It doesn’t matter what type of school it is, what classes are offered or how many students are enrolled. While attempting to provide a quality education, principals typically spend countless hours at school each day and even more hours on school committees at night; juggle the many needs, issues and requests that arise daily; and attempt to keep the students under their watch safe and happy.

Après 62 ans à Takoma Park, dans le Maryland, WGTS célèbre la grande ouverture à Rockville, dans le Maryland de son nouveau local dans le cadre de son ministère de radiodiffusion.

« C’est la réalisation d’un rêve de plusieurs   décennies », déclare Kevin Krueger (photo), président et directeur général de WGTS. « La façon dont Dieu a travaillé avec les auditeurs et les donateurs pour faire de ce centre une réalité, est vraiment un miracle. Nous prions pour que ce nouveau centre soit simplement un tremplin pour partager l'espoir et les encouragements de Jésus avec encore plus de gens à Washington, DC et au-delà."