Story by Deaf Ministries Staff

Deaf members from the Potomac Conference, New York, Arkansas, Missouri and Florida recently met at Camp Blue Ridge in Montebello, Va., for the annual Deaf Evangelistic Autumn Revival (DEAR). The DEAF company, that currently meets at the Burnt Mills church in Silver Spring, Md., sponsored the event.

Pebbles on Findhorn Beach photo Andrew Urquhart from Flickr

Editorial by Daniel Cabezas

Me gustan las reuniones, los entrenamientos y los seminarios, donde hermanos y hermanas se reúnen para entrenar y entrenarse en el nombre de Dios. Estas actividades sirven para recargar mis baterías espirituales, hacer nuevos amigos y, lo mejor de todo, ver viejos amigos que no había visto en años. En este tipo de eventos, nota la inmensa variedad de culturas y nacionalidades que conforman nuestra
Iglesia Adventista del Séptimo Día, la conferencia de Nueva Jersey es un bello ejemplo.

Mientras escribo, me viene a la mente 1 Pedro 1:1. Pedro refería a hombres y mujeres que tuvieron que distanciarse de su patria, muy similar a algunos de nosotros que nos mudamos a este país en busca de un mejor lugar para vivir.

Editorial by Daniel Cabezas

I like meetings and seminars, where brothers and sisters gather to train and be trained in the name of God. These activities serve to recharge my spiritual batteries, make new friends and see old friends. It is at these types of events that I notice the immense variety of cultures and nationalities that comprise the Seventh-day Adventist Church, the New Jersey Conference being a beautiful example.

As I write, 1 Peter 1:1 comes to mind. In it, Peter refers to men and women who had to distance themselves from their homeland, very similar to some of us who moved to this country looking for a better place to live.

Class of 2019 seniors retreated to pitch camp in the beautiful Virginia wilderness for “Senior Survival” to spend time with God in nature, and to unite as a class as they lead the school this year and prepare for graduation.

Story by Principal Don Short

The school year at Potomac Conference's Shenandoah Valley Academy (SVA) has already provided many blessings! Seeing the smiles and experiencing the youthful energy of 202 students reverberating through SVA’s classrooms, ballfields, cafeteria and dorms is a great joy!

At the back-to-school revival, alumnus Garnett Adams (’10) speaks to PFA students about how God saved him during his incarceration.

Story by Jaymie Pottinger

At Allegheny East Conference's Pine Forge Academy (PFA), placing God at the
center of operations is the overall objective for the 2018–19 school year. It is for this reason the Religion Department, in collaboration with the Pine Forge church, intentionally planned a powerful and impactful back-to-school revival.

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Story by Tiffany Doss

Two pastors from the Potomac Conference--Alex Barrientos (pictured below), pastor of the Meadowbridge and Gloucester churches in Virginia, and Daniel Xisto, associate pastor of the Takoma Park (Md.) church, were ordained to the gospel ministry earlier this year.

Story by Ricardo Bacchus

After prayerful consideration, the New Jersey Conference (NJC) Executive Committee unanimously elected Karen L. Senecal this week as their new treasurer. She will be the first female to hold this position and will join the conference team January 1, 2019.

“We welcome Karen Senecal to the family of the New Jersey Conference. [Her] experience and passion for the mission of the church will be a blessing to the NJC,” says Jorge Aguero, president.

Michelle Becker, Allentown church member, and Gary Gibbs, conference president, prepare to go door to door in the community to pray with people and offer Bible studies, as part of the Faith for Family initiative.

Editorial by Gary Gibbs

During this year’s Faith for Family door-to-door outreach, 2,073 members from across the state convened in Northeastern Pennsylvania to visit homes. (Our first effort began in 2016 with 1,340 people.) This united endeavor is having a major impact. For the first time in conference history, 500 people joined God’s remnant church, resulting in a total of 555 new members in 2017.